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I’m not one to jump on the YouTube collaboration band wagon but as I have been following Jacklyn for some time and she did not disappoint with her first creation of champagne pop.
I’m just in love with that every time I apply it and the fact that this pallet is a face pallet I already had the excuse there to purchase it, I actually didn’t have anything like it all ready.

Let’s talk packaging,
This pallet had me at gold, I am a sucker for gold at the moment, but the white and gold it just looks luxurious. The packing is a durable plastic it does not feel like it’s going to brake in my hands it has a closure on it which is easy to use but isn’t going to come open when traveling.
Can we talk about the amazing sized mirror which is the size of the pallet it’s self its very clear and handy to use while doing your makeup on the go and it doesn’t make the pallet top heavy it’s not going to fall out of your hands. My only pet peeve is due to the pallets patent gold I do tend to see my finger marks, that’s my own issue though.

With the highlighter pop pans as they are sitting of center to a pallet may drive the OCD laddies a little crazy but it does come in handy when holding whilst doing your makeup as your thumb doesn’t dig in CP pan.
Overall it’s a decent size, the pan size for both highlighters are very generous, blushes are a little bit smaller but they are still big enough that you can fit your standard blush brushes in.

Champagne Pop, ( CP )
Do we even need to discuss I’m sure there is a million reviews on this one alone all over the net so I will not bore you with this one. Yes it’s the same as the original and we love it.

Prosecco Pop, ( PP )
God dam it really is the sister just a more golden based, it just slides on to your skin, the shimmer is there, it’s a dream – sadly due to winter this little puppy will not get a workout from me until summer and due to my pale skin I don’t think I will be rocking this one in the day time I think I will reserve it for night time outings.

Rose Spritz – Luminous Blush
Now I’m under the impression this is not one of her creations and more of a Becca limited blush as it is not getting released in to the split pans but flowerchild is by reading the description this maybe a renamed version based around flowerchild they both have similar descriptions.
But Jesus I need this blush in my life every day, the pink and the gold reflex is my jam.
The consistence its self is on par with the high lighters, maybe a little bit creamier.
It applies like a dream on the skin and blends out. It looks scary in the pan and wouldn’t be for someone who doesn’t like the gold reflex but I can guaranty its no gold glitter so we are winning with this one.

Pamplemousse – Mineral Blush
To be honest I saw this one in the pan and thought I’m not going to wear this one ever.
This is the blush for the ones that hate the reflex , matte pink looks scary but just a tap of your brush in the pan is pretty much all I needed , again another shade that will become useful in summer when tanned.
For a mineral matte blush consistency is smooth, blends well and the pigment is there to back it up.

Amaretto – Mineral Blush
To be hones this one would be the most useless shade in the pallet, and I feel that this maybe the feeling that some would question prior to purchasing.
It in fact has a little bit of a pink undertone which I was surprised with it’s still not a shade I can rock during the day.

I do have further plans for this shade in summer as it would make a pretty bronzer if you mix it prosecco pop (for me I will have to be tanned) and may have to use this combination for night time outings.
It does swatch as matte shade with a pink undertone, texture is soft a smooth and blends like a dream also.

In the description on the back of the box it states “you can create endless combinations “
I do 100 percent believe this and if you look at with an open creative mind I thinks this is how the pallet can work and be used diversely this pallet brings out my creative side I hope it brings out the creativity in others as well.
Congrats to Jaclyn she has done it again,I only wish it was spring / summer so I could go all out and use it to its full potential.

As this pallet was $52 in the states it’s an absolute steel, think about it you can’t buy two Becca highlighters for that amount.
For the Aussie laddies it’s really hard to determine Sephora’s prices the best of times especially with our dollar I have tried to research on the price and the word on the street is that it may be more along the lines of $92 dollar’s but it is a big chunk of money to part with. But again the CP Becca highlighter in Sephora Aus is $64 dollars so for an extra $28 dollars you’re getting three blushes, and extra highlighter it isn’t too bad when you think of it that way depending if it does sell for that amount. Sephora always loves to surprise us with their pricing.

The new Jacklyn x Becca collection will be released in Sephora Australian stores and online on Monday the 11 of July.

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