July 2016 - Mecca Beauty Loop Box

by - Sunday, July 24, 2016

So it’s been a week scene I have received my July beauty loop box so I thought I would do a little review on the products.
Even Though it’s been a week playing with these products it may seem not long enough to review them.
Just don’t thinks there is anything that was ground breaking for skin if there was I would wait for a few weeks if the samples were big enough, let’s get in to it

BareMinerals – Lash Domination Mascara
This is a really nice mascara I’m impressed it doesn’t do much volume wise it does lengthen my lashes and I noticed that they have kept their curl, and I don’t use a lash curler EVER
Its also really light weight too on the lashes so you don’t even notice that you have it on.
I have noticed that the product has not flaked off like some known mascaras and I have sensitive eyes and sitting in front of a computer screens does tend to make my eyes watery and I have noticed this mascara hasn’t run at all, or transferred.
This is going on to my wish list I hope to use this one every day for work but I do like to have a little mascara collation and don’t really own one that is great for lengthening the lashes that I know I can wear every day.

Josie Maran – Argan Cleansing Oil
As a straight cleanser I used it with my clarisonic and it went straight through the brush and despaired I can see it working better if you were to use your hands for washing your face.
I invested good money on my clarisonic and I love it so I’m not going to change that for a 48 dollar product.
As a makeup remove it worked well it removed all my makeup with ease I did have to go back over it with my makeup remove to remove my mascara a bit more.
The scent I am not a fan off ether it’s like a orange citrus scent to be honest the smell reminded me of this bathroom cleaner my mum uses. 
I won’t be going ahead to buy the full size as it did not work well with my clarisonic.

Ren – V-cense Revitalising Night Cream
I’m a little impressed with this one too it was a really decent trail size I still have plenty to go so I will continue until it is all gone.
It is a really nice Night cream I do wake up and feel that my skin is nourished and soft I can tell that it does hydrate my skin.
I thought the scent was going to annoy me but no it’s not too bad and it despairs after about twenty minutes.
Would like to give it more of a go before I decided to purchase.

NARS: Liquid Laguna Bronzer:
This product applied so smoothly blended like a dreams so easy and the colour is not scary at all Very wearable for me being medium fair.
I did not need to build the colour as I just did a light application its winter here so did not want to go overboard.
The product did not look patchy and I applied it over my foundation I did notice that this did not strip or pull up my foundation underneath which I was surprised with.
 This product works just as well by itself with no foundation.
I think this will be a purchase for me for this summer, this product is going straight on to the Mecca wish list.
Looks like I have some shopping to do, Love CC xx

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