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by - Monday, July 18, 2016

 We are friends so let me be totally honest…. I have a problem I’m a self confessed shopaholic but I’m fine with it. I have studied makeup received my diploma in specialized makeup, had to build my kit from scratch. 

Due to work commitments and the fact I have a child makes practicing makeup a little difficult due to time restraints. That’s not going to stop my passion for makeup as that’s growing with every pay check I receive. 
This is where I thought I could just become another beauty blogger, why NOT 

If there is one thing I hate more when it comes to shopping especial online shopping these day’s is wasting my money not only on unnecessary stuff that I pretty much don’t need because some 21 year recommended it on YouTube with their clear gentle skin. 
 I’m over here in my 30s with acne scaring working 9 to 5 with no time in the morning to do a Smokey eye for work cause I’m tired and slept in and have no time to do my hair, nor do I want any glitter near my eye’s as I just spent the day before sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours straight looking at spread sheets. 
Yep real life makeup problems. 

So the one thing I hate is spending money on makeup that is just plan crap! It’s pretty frustrating I feel like a kid at Christmas that asked Santa for a puppy and got one of those fur real dogs’s instead aww the disappointment. 

I live in Canberra being that it’s a capital city we do lack in some stores I do tend to purchase a lot of my makeup online pretty much due to this reason so being able to play with the collections before purchasing them is pretty impossible depending on the brand. 
I’m not rich enough to escape to Sydney every time a new collections comes out just so I can visit the wonderful world of mecca maxima to play with new collections and brands, wish I could though No I have to do my research too see if it is worthwhile. 

So maybe it is just more of a blog to learn from my mistakes, working 9 to 5 with a passion for make up and shopping Follow me and see what shopping regrets I have or maybe splurge’s , comparison’s and what has been a totally waste of money 

 Love always cc xx

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