Micellar Water Bioderma vs Garnier

by - Sunday, July 17, 2016

When I laid this idea out for a blog post I was thinking it was going to go in one direction but it kind of went in a totally different one as one of the products surprised me.
Micellar water for me was a discovery one of many beauty products I came across not really knowing at the time what it really was about.
I will say one product has now replaced the three product’s I would use to remove my makeup which is a given cause I just don’t have time for that.
This post may seem a little one sided but I have spent more time with one of these product so I have been able to use in more way’s then the other.

Garnier Micellar Water
So I tried this product when it was new on the market in Australia and it was a waste of money then so we can all guess where my thoughts were going when thinking of this blog post.
So for the purpose of this post I purchased this again to try it out to see if it was as bad as last time.
I was expecting it to be crap and a waste of five bucks to be honest.
Was so surprised it actually was not bad it removed my makeup not to a full extent though still felt like there was some makeup left on my skin.
There is no scent to this which is great there was no sort of reside felling left over which is another bonus.
I was also surprised that my skin wasn’t left with the dry tight feeling after.
I did notice it struggled with water proof mascara and I had to add a little elbow grease when it came to removing my eyeliner. I did notice it reacted a little with my blemishes.
The removal process included light foundation + waterproof eye makeup = 3 makeup pads saturated
For thicker foundation that included 4 to 5 makeup pads saturated.

Bioderma Micellar Water:
Okay this product is hands down my Holy Grail product I think I actually would die if I didn’t have it.
I had this product given to me by a friend when I was studying makeup I can say now that I really had put this product to the test.
When I mean test, special effects, adhesive and waxy residue, calming the skin after latex
I have been using the sensitive one for some time now,
There is no scent with this product
It removes all my makeup with easy and I’m talking stubborn waterproof eye makeup including glue from fake eyelashes.
I don’t get that dry tight feeling ether after use, Can I say that feeling is a deal breaker for me.
The products has never reacted to my blemishes when removing my daily makeup.
I have never noticed this product leaving a residue ether after use.

The removal process included light foundation + waterproof eye makeup = 2 makeup pads just a little over damp
For thicker foundation that included 2 to 3 makeup pads a little over damp.

When I compare both of the products even though I haven’t used the Garnier product for long or given it a good testing.

I did notice I was using more of the Garnier product when removing my daily makeup then the Bioderma I don’t require as much of that to do the job.
For Garnier I would give it a rate 75% of it doing its job and the price point isn’t too bad considering.
I personally think you would go through the Garnier product quicker than the bioderma.

Still to this day I would give Bioderma a 100% I have used it on myself for a few years, as well as stocked it in my freelance kit.
You may think the price is a little expensive but I tend to buy the 250ml bottle and this one will last me well over 6 months and that sets me back $31.99

Bioderma can be found in all Priceline’s and on their website.
Garnier can be found pretty much anywhere, major supermarkets as well as target and Kmart ect and can be found in Priceline also.

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