YouTube Made Me Do It : Nivea For Men Post Balm

by - Thursday, July 28, 2016

Okay, this one is a little random and no! I did not spend my hard earned dollars on purchasing this product I am no sucker I stole it from the boyfriend instead. I’m sure I’m not the only woman who did that I’m sure there were plenty of girls ransacking their man’s bathrooms draws to see if they use this.
 So for me naturally after seeing this plastered on every social media platform from YouTube to Instagram curiosity hit me it was there I had to try it , it wasn’t costing me a thing so why not.
So one of the main reason this is a good primer is one of the main ingredient is Glycerine which is found in most makeup primers anyway.
 I would say this is more of a water based primer I wouldn’t be hopping for any line filler or skin smoothing action with this one.
The product goes on nice and thin as you rub it in to your skin you can start to fill the tackiness , please don’t stress just yet it does go away after a few seconds of drying.
I didn’t find any resistance when applying my daily foundation it buffed in like normal, powders went on fine It didn’t look shiny.
The scent , Yes it smell’s like a freshly showed guy so if you don’t mind that smell then yeah your going to smell like that for most of the day.
So I did notice my makeup didn’t move at all just the normal fading of blush and contour my eyeshadow and liner were still there those products are surely the first to go on me I put that down to those products not the primer I honestly prefer my foundation to stay then blush / contour anyway that’s my preference only cause I can touch them up no problems.
I did see foundation movement around the perimeter of my jaw and chin , but I tend to rest my hands on those area’s so I will not be adding those result in to this review ( I don’t think any primer can hold up to that bad habit )
Removing it was no drama as well easy I use bioderma I fell that gets anything off.
Only thing is I wanted to try this product out for a week I got to the third day mark and I broke out like Justin Bieber during puberty so badly I had to stop there.

My overall my thought

This product will not be my every day primer due to the brake out’s on day three
I will not go out and purchase this product as a primer even though it does work as a primer.
If I ever get stuck and need a urgent primer and don’t have time to order one that doesn’t react to my skin as much I will turn to it I know its there in my bathroom cabinet.
But I will say I think there is other products out there that work just as good and with reasonable price tag I think it was more of a hyped Product because it was so random
Love CC xx

Fell free to try if for your self available at all main supermarkets, Priceline , Chemist Warehouse

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