Devinah Cosmetics - Suspiria - Rainbow highlighter

by - Tuesday, August 16, 2016

If there is anything that I have been seeing more and more of on social media is the rainbow highlight trend. Now I don’t know of the exact brand that is showing up on social media but I found one. I couldn’t help my self I had to buy it for the fun, let’s be honest it just looks so pretty I couldn’t resist.

The packaging of this highlight had me a little nervous when this product arrived as it was not in a compact it was just the pan. Lipstick republic out did them selves and the product arrived to me safe and sound no crack’s no breakage. As this highlighter is a pan only there isn’t much to talk about packaging wise. I own three Z pallets so I can easily find a forever home in one of those as the pan is magnetic there was no drama’s at all adding it to the Z pallet. The pan it self weigh’s in at 14g and is 57mm so a decent amount of product.
So in the pan it gives of this iridescent rainbow effect witch is just so adorable it was hard to captcha this in a picture, but I got there.Application of this product was a dream it was like the highlighting gods opened up and BAM there it was pure magic.

Even though in the pan at first glimpse it looks like a white iridescent rainbow it did not at all apply this way there is no white cast showing up and with the light reflection you get that pop of rainbow so its doesn’t’ apply direct as a rainbow it was more like a duo chrome effect where you get the changes of colour depending on where the light. This is just absolutely gorgeous and I didn’t go heavy handed with it ether it was a light brush stroke and the outcome is amazing I can still see this on me after 7 hours and my lighting at work is shocking so to be able to see it in florescent lighting environment is great .
For a small indie cosmetic group this was product defiantly had me at first go for them this product has gone straight to my top highlight list. For the sprig summer and festival season coming up in Australian I think this highlight will be the best accessories you can find. I’m not much of a festival goer but I’m very happy to rock this one through our warmer months. So this highlighter retails for $39.00 Australia Dollars and for my American readers retails for $18.00us dollars.

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For the Australian laddies I got mine at

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