Highlighter Collection Part 3 - Becca vs Becca

by - Sunday, August 28, 2016

Becca – Moonstone
Packaging is the silver on top and then the signature Becca brown on the outside this compact has the clip closure with a mirror in the compact which we all know is really handy. Moonstone is a champagne / ivory colour highlight with great pigmentation its soft in texture and isn’t overly powdery and I would like to say it packs a punch but can be applied lightly as well.
I find the product pretty versatile this way if I do apply this one heavy handed I can notice the colour can tend to sit a little light for me even though this one is best suited to my skin. And it does pop beautifully on the skin and it stays. I find a fan brush does apply it more lightly over a bigger brush like a highlight / setting brush but ether off these two will help if you want the real full on Highlight effect.

Brush – pop to highlight on fleek
Fan brush – Little added glow

Becca – Champagne pop
Packaging is the same standard Becca packaging as described above. So it really is a soft butter texture the colour is a real champagne gold / rose gold it’s got the pigment behind it to pack punch I think this is what makes this the product what it is as well as the colour. I really haven’t seen anything else of this shade around and there is no way this colour is comparable to the Mary Luo in my opinion.
It’s everything that you need in spring / summer. Now if you are worried about having to much highlighter I do find applying this one with a fan brush tones this down a lot this is the beauty of this product you can go very light handed for that glow look or go all in if you want to land that plane. I go both, I apply it light for work and when I’m out I go all in and layer and layer so I to can have the POP that we are all craving.
Brush – pop to highlight on fleek
Fan brush – Little added glow

I think Becca has really truly raised the bar for highlights and brought all they could to the table for the magical makeup statement that is strobing or highlight.
It can be hard as well as both of the Becca highlighters are known for them to enhance pores and bumps I tend to avoid applying this product to these areas.
Hope you enjoyed this series love CC xx

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