Higlighter Collection Part 2 - Nars vs The Balm

by - Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nars Albatross:
The packaging is the signature Nars Packaging the normal black rubber packaging that collects your dirty makeup finger prints with a good clip closure with a little mirror which is pretty good for its size just a little small to be able to do a full face of makeup but is handy for touch ups.
This one was my first ever highlight it’s a oldie but a goodie looks completely white in the pan but when applied it does reflect gold, the product does not apply gold and it doesn’t apply completely white ether on my mid-range fair skin.
Though this highlighter is a little low key but you can build it up to an extent it still doesn’t give that effect of the wet sheen or the major pop which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you are after.
This one I tend to reach for during the week for work as it’s not over the top. I do find this one doesn’t accentuate any bumps or dryness that I have on my skin. I like to use a thick brush to apply this one rather than a normal fan brush as I tend to find it applies it too light. I do find it hard to build up and blend with the fingers with this one.
Brush – Subtle pop

The Balm: Mary Lou Manizer:
The packing to me feels a little on the cheep side but I feel that they made up for it with the mirror the mirror is amazing again has the normal clip closure even though when I did open it I feel like the packaging could break. This should pretty much be in any girl’s makeup draw it is on the lines of pale champagne colour. In the compact but it reflects a champagne colour too. I find this one just a little bit more intense then the Nars. I think it’s a little to pale for my skin if I look up close but from far away its fine I can get away with it maybe not so much in summer though.
I fell that this one didn’t apply that well with a fan brush compared to a Sigma eye shadow brush as I can get more product on my skin for that extra pop. Again when I apply this with my fingers you can really see the product on my skin and its enhancing my pores and bumps
Brush – pop

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