My Highlight collection – Introduction

by - Sunday, August 21, 2016

With highlighting or strobing if you want to get technically being the top of its game at the moment and all the makeup companies that you can think of bringing out their own highlights its making shopping for that one highlight harder as there is just so many to choose form.

So you could be after a little extra pop or you’re after that highlight on fleek look or maybe your goal is to be able to land a Boeing 747 these are my thoughts on some common highlighters. As we are in Australian winter at the moment we are going to be heading in to spring and summer so one must get ready for highlighting season, am I right laddies?

I thought I would do a collection of my highlights with a little review of how the product works how I find it best applies and rate them for the pop abilities.
All highlighters that I will be mentioning are widely available and I will have links provided on each post.

So keep watching this space laddie’s xx cc

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