Review Loreal : Nude Magique Cushion Foundation.

by - Wednesday, August 03, 2016

This foundation is not that new on the market but it was released this year in Australia so it’s relatively new.
I saw a few YouTubers rave about how great and dewy this foundation was so naturally I got sucked in to go buy it I don’t even think I saw anyone talk badly about it to be honest.
So I did it I spent 26 Australian dollars (that was on special) on this foundation.
So what are my thoughts on the new Lorel Nude Magique Cushion Foundation?
The concept of the packaging is really on trend at the moment I have seen a few brands come out with their own version it is a handy concept.
So there is a sponge that is soaked in the foundation and it’s placed in the compact with a push type lid so it stays in there, great for the hand bag as its light there is no lid falling off and rolling around in your hand bag this product is fully secure no spills at all. mirror for a full face if you didn’t have anything else.
The product in general has a strong scent it is hard to explain the scent it’s not a floral scent, Kind of reminds me of a great aunt smell, or grandma it’s just too strong for my liking and whatever the smell is, I just don’t like it
One other major dislike this product didn’t even last me a month it contains 14.6 grams of product so if you do the math on that using only 1 gram a day. It would only last two weeks for the cost of 29.99 not on special , It doesn’t make sense to me to be able to use this product every day it works out to be way to expensive. So me wearing this every day for work five days a week it didn’t last long I think just on three weeks in total.
Maybe this foundation is best to keep for touch up’s or maybe a backup foundation in your bag or gym bag this may make the product worthwhile.
Oh and we have the transferring, OMG did this foundation transferred.
I have red lipsticks that don’t transfer as much as this product you could see it clearly transfer on my black coloured shirts and my with shirts look like a foundation battle field.
The coverage is dewy for me a little too dewy but was easy to tame down with a little extra powder in the t-zone and after that I was happier with the outcome I would say it’s light to medium coverage you could build it up to a medium I tried and it just made me look too oily and I have combination skin so I don’t tend to create oil slicks on my face.
So would I buy this product again, umm no I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t even pay the full price for this.
I would buy another brand of the cushion like foundation I do like this concept it is handy as a backup or to keep for touch ups throughout the day the concept works.
Let me know your thoughts on the Nude Magique Cushion foundation.
Love cc xx

You can purchase this at any Priceline, chemist warehouse I would suggest chemist warehouse as they tend to have this product on special the most.

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