YouTube made me do it: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Pallet

by - Sunday, August 07, 2016

Yes another purchased made purely because I saw it on YouTube the only thing is it toke me a while to purchase it. Okay so I’m not to sure why I even purchased this as I didn’t even see any remarkable transformation when watching you tubers use it. It was more the way they talk about the product that had me intrigued.
So hourglass is known for their Photo luminescent technology in their powder products ranges that they have been bringing out. The theory behind it is that you pick the lighting that you would most want to create I feel like you need a science degree to figure that out. I would love to know more about this brand as I think they are unique with this technology and the concept behind their ranges.
I have been using this product for well over a year I still haven’t created a dent in the products. I was using this product as a setting powder and the powder sets my makeup but that’s just boring and I think the reason why I have not been attached to this pallet was because I was using it incorrectly. I now use the different powders to add depth and dimension to my face and it works but I’m still not over the moon in love with this pallet.
The packaging is really nice and solid the clip closure is secure enough to travel with or great to chuck in a handbag and forget about it. The mirror quality is fine the only annoying thing is the narrowness of it I would struggle doing a full face with this mirror. With the finish of the outer packaging it does tend to smudge and show finger prints which is a pet peeve of mine.
the consistency of the powders I do feel that they are some what chalky but smooth at the same time I do notice that the loose powder tends to collect in the compact up near the mirror. And there is no real scent which is my only love about this product.
Dim light:
This one is my favourite I use this one before I contour as it creates depth and adds a natural looking bronze. There is no added shimmer in this product which is one of the main reason why I concentrate this on my contour arears. Dim light comes of a little pinkie on my skin but it is very light product it is smooth and easy to blend on the skin and over foundation. I don’t need to build this product up for what I use it for but it is buildable.
Incandescent light:
This one is the lightest one in the pallet I use this for the high points of my face exactly where you place highlight. I find the product chalky in texture and I find it sits chalky on my skin too I think it’s a little too white for me so I do have to go very light handed with it when powdering my high points of the face. This defiantly doesn’t highlight though and doesn’t make me glow from within.
Radiant light:
This is the one I hardly use personally I find this one useless. When I do use it I use it to clean up under my contour and to set the T Zone area but other than that I find it pretty useless it does nothing for me, nothing sorry to say.

So would I buy the pallet again, NO sadly not but the pallet did open up the world of hourglass to me and I would be happy to explore more with this brand. I would be happy to say I would repurchase dim light or one that is similar to this in the hourglass range Love cc xx

The pallet is still available through Mecca and retails for $92.00 Australian dollars and can also be found in Sephora for $62.00 US dollars.
For the US ladies
and for the Aussie ladies

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