YouTube Made me do it - YSL Touché Éclat Radiant

by - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Another product to add to my YouTube made me do it series this being my third one I wouldn’t even know that this product existed if it wasn’t for YouTube the product its self just seemed so flawless on camera so naturally I just had to have it and see for myself.

So the day I wanted to purchase this I went straight to my local David Jones I proceeded and waited at the YSL counter for well over 20 minuets waiting to get served. I finally got served by some one who was not an YSL representative that knew nothing about the product so I was not able to ask the questions I wanted too. On the day of purchase they couldn’t even help me with the correct shade ether I just had to play around with the testers in store and go form there. To be honest I hate the costumer service at my local David jones that’s another rant in it’s self.

The packaging is gold and there are no signs of the YSL logo which I’m a little unhappy about for the product you would expect it to have the YSL logo right? And for 63.00 Australian dollars I want a YSL logo. So its slim gold packing very light weight you click the top for the product to come out through to the brush this concept is well done by YSL because you can control the product like a click pen and the product is then distributed through the brush. The brush its self is soft and not plastic like some other brands which this can be dupable with apparently.
It has a lid which is very stable and clips on very well and the product will not spill out and you can see this would be a great product to take around with you in your hand bag or clutch for a night out.

The product colour looks salmon so it has a pink undertone to it. The product it’s self is creamy and light it does apply well on the skin and blends out really well with any makeup tool that you have. I use a real techniques concealer brush as well as the trust worthy beauty blender. It is very light weight it doesn’t feel heavy at all on the skin near the eye area. As an added bonus for me there is no fragrance to this product, thank god.

When researching this product on the David jones website the description say’s this product can highlight facial features and can create a much rested look buy highlighting underneath the eyes and Due to the pink in it can conceal those dark circle.

Now I cannot determine if this product assists in the cover up of dark circles I do not suffer from this so I am not able to confirm if this product works for this one issue.

What I do not like about this product is when I apply it under my eyes it does brighten the area up as it is meant to do but the product sit’s in my fine lines that my facial expression create and yes I have set this with numerous powder products and it stills does this even though I blend the product up right under my eyes.

Yes the product does do what its say’s but I’m not repurchasing it.

This product has everything going for it in my books and if it did not settle in my fine lines then I would repurchase this but for me that is a deal breaker due to the creasing which age’s me by ten years and I’m only 31.

So this product is now assisting me with cleaning up my contour when using a cream or liquid bronzer. And to highlight in other areas then under my eyes
I hope this little review was helpful keep in mind these are my thoughts on the products and the product was purchased with my own money , Love CC xx

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