Highlight Brush Collection - Why you don't need to buy a new highlight brush

by - Sunday, September 25, 2016

So after completing my highlighter collection I thought more about the application of highlights and what can I do to compliment my last blog post so I decided on my own highlight brush collection.

Even though make up isn’t always about the rules and it’s just fun to play around with application and brushes and products to switch things up every now and then. Sometimes there is no need to go out a buy a brush just because it say’s highlight brush on it and not everyone has a Morphe or Sigma store at their door step or even money to spend on new brushes just because of a new makeup trend is in season. Sometimes we have to make do with what we’ve got and you may have some more then capable brushes in your collection that you may not have thought about using as a highlight brush.

Let’s look at the best brush we can find that will cost us nothing, fingers!! . I have noticed that I have some or maybe two highlighters that I have noticed apply way better with my fingers I just find you get more pigmentation with this application even though your fingers are not capable of blending anything out but who said you couldn’t get a little brush to do that job for you. I tend to go back over the area with ether a blush brush or one of my eye shadow brushes.

Sigma E40:
My favourite brush to highlighter with at the moment is the Sigma E40 which is an eye shadow brush. I reach for this one the most for applying both my Becca highlighters. This brush applies it well and blends it out perfectly and it’s great at applying it precisely to the high points of my cheek bones. I’m pretty sure I use this more as a highlight brush then an eye shadow blending brush.

Napoleon 22b:
I think this one is a blush brush but I find that I use this more for my less pigmented highlighters. The brush does apply it to a wider area but for the less pigmented products I have it’s not a problem. I do use this one more for my MAC soft and gentle or to blend out the highlighters that I apply with my fingers.

Fan brush: Brand unknown:
This one I am not too sure what the brand is I do know that it is natural brushes so it tends to apply the more pigmented products lighter. Like the Becca ones this is the one that I would use for work when I don’t want a concentrated highlighter look and I want to tone it down this is the one I use. Real Techniques : Duo fibre contour brush ( no picture Available )

 Real Techniques : Duo fiber contour brush ( no picture avalible )
This one strangely enough I do not like for contouring I have never used it for contouring. But it’s amazing as a highlight brush. I find this one really blends the highlight in to the skin seamlessly it’s great for all brand highlighters I do use this one on a daily bases. It was one of the brushes that I had never used until now thank you strobing trend! .

Real Techniques: Setting brush: 
Another brush that I would never use for it’s actually purpose. This is another one of my favourite highlighter brushes great control of applying highlighter. This one would be for a softer effect though you won’t get that concentrated pop. This one is great at blending the highlighter in for the seamless look.
Real techniques, angled highlighter brush: 
This would be the only brush I own that actually states that it is a highlighter brush. I believe it came in one of their holiday packs that they released in 2015 and it does the job that is says it does. But it’s another brush that I find blends all the products seamlessly. But this one would be hard to get that concentrated pop look.

The Beauty Blender:
The most useful tool there is great for applying highlighter and fixing it when you get a little excited when applying your highlighter. Of course the beauty blender is great at applying cream and liquid highlighters because it pushes the product in to the skin and if you’re layering liquid on top of your foundation it really helps to not disturb the foundation underneath. Also useful when you have applied way too much powder highlight it really does help pick up the excess to make for less intense look no one likes a disco ball at work.

There you have just some of my favorite brushes for highlighting that were not purchased for the intended use. Check out your brush collection and have a go who knows what you might find useful when it comes to applying highlighter’s if you have the one product that you’re not too sure about try a different tool to apply it with who knows you might come across something new love cc xx

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