by - Monday, October 31, 2016

So I went on a little drug store makeup binge for the month of September so I had the chance of trying a few cult brands and popular product’s on the market at the moment. As I mentioned before I can be bit of a snob when it comes to drug store makeup. So I initially went in and purchased this product only because my theory for the day was to travel light when I was going to Perth this month for a friend’s wedding. Let’s just say the whole packing light situation it’s not in my genetic make up. So I was hoping this little pallet will help me cut down the amount of makeup products I need to pack for the trip. The normal amount for me would be two blushes, two highlighters and two bronzes. I packed two bronzes any way thank god I did. And yes I’m a makeup junkie and I pack way to much makeup anyway.

So the look of the packaging looks a little fancy and on trend with the rose gold border but yet the plastic does seem to feel a little cheep I feel like in a matter of time the lid is going to break off or it cracks but I’m not really going to complain to much it’s a 16.00 dollar product that I got half price. There is no smell at all that’s a good win in my books but sometimes you get that makeup smell and I juts can not pick up on it. The style of the pans I do find quite annoying I struggle to get my good blush brush in to the bottom one which is the blush I fell the shape is to awkward to get a decent size blush brush to collect the product, the contour one is fine and I only use small brushes for the highlight so there is no issues there.
Lets talk the highlight so the product does fell powdery and there isn’t to much pay off but it works as a very subtle highlight I do find it build able though if you work at it and It still turns out subtle so if your hopping for the strong pop your not going to get it with this product I do feel that it disperses after a few hours I would say after four hours .If you want to keep the highlight going you would need to keep this on you for touch ups.

The contour colour, my favorite thing in the world, look it would be a great contour colour if it had more pigmentation to it but this lack’s pigment. I struggle to even get the colour to show up on my arm for swatching and that’s me rubbing my finger in it and I am a medium pale so this is a bit disappointing. But after some persistence and work I can get it to work, it just mean’s I have to dip it in to the pan over and over and then apply a few times. The wear is better then the highlight and it has stayed in place fort 6 hours now and this one application should last through out my 8 hour working day.

The blush is okay this one seems to be a little more pigmented then the highlight and the contour colour. It fades away just like the highlight I am 6 hours in to my work day and its non existent I will need to touch it up through out the day . Pay off wise its good its still not the best but it works if you want to just add a little colour for a flushed look but it’s a blessing in disguise as well I can take a blush like this over a overly pigmented one I’m not picky at all when it comes to blush really.
So over you are getting what you pay for with this product and this one retail’s for 16.95 that’s how I see it. I am for the time being going to let this one kick around in my hand bag and for further I will take it with me for my nights out only because I wouldn’t want to lose or brake my urban decay flush pallet and wouldn’t want anything to happen to it.
To be honest I wouldn’t go out and repurchase this product. If you are interested for to Aussie laddies I have provided a link below to chemist warehouse this is where I have seen it priced the cheapest if you do hold out you will be able to pick it up from their 50 % of sales I would honestly advise to hold out so you can get this one at a more discounted price love CC xx

Apologies for the crappy swatch photo I tried to work with it , as I have mentioned this product isn’t very pigmented.

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