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by - Sunday, October 02, 2016

I thought that there would be plenty of people out there that can not get there hands on the Cover FX drops, By no means is this a comparison blog post as I have not had the pleasure of being able to obtain the cover FX drops or play around with them. Now I have looked in to the Cover FX drops but due to the wide range of shade, under tones and colors this would be a product I would need to be able to see in person.

I’m not lucky enough to have a Sephora in my state and I don’t have a makeup counter that stocks Cover FX I would be able to order it online but there is just so many choices to chose from. So I decided to opt for the next best thing the body shop drops now the choices are a no brainier darkening or lightening easy choice made in my books the million dollar questions would be are you wanting to darken your foundation or lighten your foundation?

Now one of the main reasons why I wanted to purchase the cover FX drops was that I have a foundation that I dearly love but due to it being just a tiny bit pale for me its something I can get away with in the winter but by no means can I do it in the summer I do to tend to naturally tan a shade or two in the sun , to be honest I burn easily but then it turns in to a tan which I don’t recommended at all at the age of 31, I should no better.

The second reason why I wanted these dropsis I’m one of those medium pale skin tones that is borderline in the foundation spectrum I can find one but its ether going to be a tone or two pale or I can chose the medium one and have it be a little dark or yellow toned for my liking. I really dislike yellow undertone foundation. So thanks to this little creation the Body shop drops which is pretty much my life saver at the moment and so cheep and easily found I’m impressed and happy I gave them a go.

Foundation: Kat Von D lock It .

So this is the foundation that I wanted the drops for originally, I love this foundation but due to it being just a tiny bit pale it’s unwearable in summer. I did originally purchase this online before Sephora opened up in Australia so I think I did all right considering and I wasn’t able to return it as I purchased it of the US Sephora site at the time and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste.

So when looking at my foundation I knew I only need a tiny amount , I all ready guessed I would only need one drop and that got me to my desired shade . I was worried that it was going to be to dark but I had a little bit of product on my hand to mix in with it. Yes this requires work you will need to mix this product in with your desired amount of your foundation. I would strongly advise that this takes place and for some people maybe play around once or twice with how many drops you need per pump.

I used three pumps of this foundation to one drop of the darkening product and this worked and matched quite well I was surprised it toke the starkness out of the pale foundation and that is exactly what I needed. I did also play around with adding two drops in this worked for my skin tone also maybe more fore early summer. I was surprised that it didn’t affect the consistency of the foundation ether or the way it stayed on my skin. I see this foundation getting used more this summer which is a bonus.

This is the foundation that I’m in-between shades and this is common for me when it comes to drug store foundation. ts one of the main reasons why I don’t purchase them very often as it’s to much of a hassle and I don’t tend to wear them so all those bottle’s end up wasting away in my foundation graveyard as I don’t use them

But then the drops came along! Now this foundation is that more wearable. One drop to my desired foundation amount which consist of three pumps help take the starkness of white out of the foundation so I wont be going too work looking like Wednesday Adams !
So I decided to play around with two drops to three pumps of foundation I was a little worried at first as the foundation did look a little ashy at one point but after application with some powder and bronzer you really can not tell on my skin at all. I don’t think there is anyway I could push the friendship with three drops but I’m saying that I don’t need too, these are drops doing exactly what I need.

Just to clarify the FX drops are pigment drops if you want to have to be ability to make your foundation 3 time darker these are for you. The body shop drops are shade / undertone adjusting just wanted to explain he difference between the two. So I strongly don’t think these will help you make your foundation three tones deeper but defiantly recommend it to those that find their foundation at times to white for their skin or anyone like me that tends to sit in the middle of the shade range. These drops are great for anyone who can not gain access or can not decided what the need in the cover FX range or maybe you are like me and just can not decided .I would love to try the c over FX drops especially for when I’m faked tan so I can go two too three shades deeper with my standard foundation but that’s for another day and another blog post love cc xx .

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*Just a small side note, when I say I used a drop I did not mean a full dropper amount it is just one little drop.*

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