by - Sunday, November 06, 2016

I’m going to be honest I’m really trying to open up my options when it comes to drug store cosmetics let’s just say I have been a little bit of a snob towards them.Physicians Formula is a brand that I am not experienced in and the thought has never really crossed my mind to purchase any of their products. I was watching a YouTube video and this YouTuber was just going on about the smell being so tropical and yummy and an all-round great review back about the product its self so from then forward I was a little sold. When I attempted to buy it from I herb I started to notice that this product was consistently sold out and I had to put myself on the email notification list twice. When I see product’s consistently sold out like this I just know then that it has potential.

The packaging alone reminds me of a tropical summer with all those colours the green pop of purple and the yellow and for me I can pick up the scent straight away even when the compact is closed. The packaging its self isn’t overly flimsy the bottom of the compact is sturdy for the price. Let’s talk about the smell OMG I want my house to smell like this I’m in love with the sent its self just so intoxicating , smells like a summer breeze of coconut reminds me of ether Malibu the drink or that tanning oil you can get. The bronzer its self when swatching does honestly fell so creamy it does not feel like powder at all its just so soft and it blends like a dream there is no need to add any more elbow grease to the blending process when your applying this to the face. This bronzer on my can last a full work day 8 hours I have not seen it become patchy throughout the day like some high brands I haven’t needed to touch it up at all and I even wore it on a 5+ hour flight and it still didn’t budge so the longevity has me sold.

Overall I’m in love this bronzer it has replaced a high end bronzer for me. I even went out and repurchased the benefit Hoola bronzer and I haven’t even touched it because I have been using this one nonstop. To compare this bronzer to any other ones on the market it would be close to the benefit Hoola same colour, same undertones just this one has that creamy texture to it. If you’re a Hoola fan I think you cannot pass this one up I think you too will be pleasantly surprised. I brought mine of the iherb website as I have not seen this item stocked yet in my local Priceline sotre’s. But I will say that I love this product so much I would not hesitate in spending the AU cost of $29.99 to get this item closer to home.

I have provide both links and I have a discount code for those who have not purchased off iherb before this site is also fantastic for the real technique brushes.
For those purchasing of the iHerb site for the first time here is a Discount code WCD475 you will receive 10% of your total cart at checkout once it’s applied.
I hope you enjoyed this review love CC xx

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