Revlon x Chloe Morello – Contour Kit

by - Sunday, November 20, 2016

I was going to do a little quick first impression on this product but a week as already passed so I thought it would just be easier if I do a full review on this.

Honestly this collaboration really did come out of no where Chloe did a video on it the day that it was released here in Australia with information on how she came on board for the co-created /  collaboration. I personally think that this little kit is a breath of fresh air as so many you tubers do collaboration’s with eye shadow pallets.  This contour kit really has the focus on those that don’t really have much knowledge of this trend to those that are advance and like me that can not leave the house unless they are contoured to the nines. Revlon really did there research on this with Chloe’s help pf course.

Revlon is meant to be drug store but I find the packaging comparable if not a little sturdier then Mac packaging. The pallet its self is not over sized it is a great compact size for this reason I find this product really travel and handbag friendly and the mirror is large and very usable on the go I would even go to say this would fit in a clutch for those who would like to take it out in the evening. The clip closure is reliable as well you can rest assure the product will not be spilling though you’re travel case or handbag.

There is some little added bonus to this product and it really is the little added touch’s that just make life easier for some. One of the added touch’s is the description of the shades on the bottom of the kit they are easy to read and are even colour coded I think this is fanatic and makes life easy for you to follow the how to guide . Yes they added a How to guide how to Highlight and how to contour who would have thought this is one of those added bonus that is a lovely touch. You didn’t get that when you spent 80 dollars on the Anastasia Beverly hills kit did you?. This is some reassurance for those that haven’t thought about contour and is for young and old and the instructions are even colour coded too for the powder product that is required.

The next added bonus would be the free gift with purchase Yes I said free only available from Priceline I believe. I’m in two minds with this only because I have my favourite brushes to contour with and once I break one in for contouring I really do not like straying from it but that’s just me. But for the purpose of this blog post I tried it. So applying the bronzer with this brush it worked it applied it well it blended the product well. I just didn’t really like it to apply the actually contour shade I found that it didn’t really define my contour as much it pretty much left a thick dark line under my check bones and when I blended it out it blended both shades together.

Okay lets get down to the stars of the show the powder product’s and let’s be honest I’m not that into drug store products. The performance of these powders are amazing maybe a little too amazing. I have found that the bronzer and the Contour shade are pigmented. And they blend maybe a little too well I know it sound hard to please. I found the powder products surprising consistent with one another which you don’t get often in pallets. So for this reason I didn’t feel like I need to brake this down with each individual colour.

 Banana, Conceal under the eyes. I found that this powder does sit well on my skin under my eye area a lot better compared to the ABH contour kit. I’m not a fan of these yellow powder’s I do find that they crease under my eyes. I didn’t have this happen with this product though I also noticed that the area was a little bit brighter.

Glow, Highlight. This powder is the same soft texture the colour is more of a light champagne colour. It does work as a nice highlight. I did notice at the end of the day that it did sit a little bit patchy on my skin. I also noticed if I used to much it I could see the powder sitting on top off my skin. For this reason I believe this highlight maybe a little too light for my skin

Bronzer, Add warmth and depth. If you didn’t know by now im all about using too different contour shades when I’m contouring. I love to create depth with my contour so for me to use two different shades is already in my makeup routine. This bronzer is a little darker to what I’m use to which is a little strange as I’m smack bang in the middle of the light spectrum of skin tones and this pallet is for Light to medium.

Sculpt, Contour & define, It’s a great contour shade as its cool toned and us contour obsessed love this. The only down fall with this product is that because it’s a little over powdery I found that it was easy to blend this in with the bronzer.

Over all the product its self is very pigmented there is no issues there. I think though on the down side the kick back annoys me a bit as there is a lot of kick back and I would put this down to the finely milled powder. The little how to guides are a great touch I think this idea is fabulous. I have purchased both shade pallets at this time I think I would love to keep this one in my collection for on the go use. The product is going to be a permeant item which is great. It’s a great concept and product I think Revlon worked well with Chloe and they made a great team. I would love to know your thoughts on this product leave me a comment down below.

Apologies for the crappy swatch picture , I usually use my daughters arm for them but she is away this weekend so I had to struggle using my own and take a picture at the same time, quite difficult.

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