My Skincare Journey - Part 1

by - Friday, January 27, 2017

One of things I lernt in 2016 that I will be bringing over in 2017 will be my skincare. My goal is to really take my skin and my skincare routine serious. So for anyone that may have this as a new year’s resolution please have a read it may help you with how to start and make a call of action on how to go about updating your skin care routine.

At the last leg of 2016 I just knew I had to do something with my skincare I just had to boost it up just a little bit to conquer some more issues that I was noticing when I turned 31 or It could have just been a age denial issue that I was going through but ether way it had to be done. This was something that I didn’t just wake up one morning and did, there were issues that I was noticing over severely months.

Let’s talk about my skincare routine before the 2.0 update shall we, So in my younger years my roaring 20’s I never held a beauty routine not a steady one at all just some products here and there. There was never any commitments made I was young who would want to commit in their 20s who would want to be locked down in to a beauty relationship anyway? Over the last 3 years I have held a very stead very plain beauty routine of a night and within that time I played around with some beauty products. Anyone that shops at Mecca or Sephora often enough gets flooded with the foils sachets of beauty products. Naturally for me I just had to play around with them they were for free why not, so don’t think that I just went out and picked the first product that I saw.
So for most of these three years I have been just doing the plane Jane thing of washing my face, toning and moisturizing. This all came about when I purchased my Clarisonic. This was a new year’s resolution I’m calling this the 1.0 version and to do this I needed to get in to a beauty routine. I did my research on this and at the time it was everywhere and everyone was talking about it. I believe this changed my skin for the better when I purchased it in my late 20’s and it really did

I remember the first time I used it I feel in love. It was two days after NYE and naturally for me NYE involves parties and makeup and I hadn’t worn make up since then it was two days out from memory. Oh my god you should have seen the access makeup that came out I was shocked and surprised as well as disgusted to know that was still in and on my face. To see it left over on the brush was truly a WOW moment. That’s when I wanted to put a ring on it and new that this was good beauty stock. Yes my skin purged around week 2 and yes I stuck through it pimples and all and my skin came out for the better.

I was also on the hunt for a facial cleanser to go with it so that was a bit of trial and error but about 4 to 6 months in I found a great cleanser for it which I believe works hand in hand with each other. And I still love both of them today and as they say if it ant broke don’t fix it! So I’m leaving those products  in but I just knew there was some additions to make.

So in this time frame I started to look at getting facials well I did twice to three times but in saying that all these sessions were so helpful to get the knowledge I needed about my very own skin even for the stuff that I couldn’t see like dehydration I was even told that my skin type was combination and all these years I honestly thought I was dry so I defiantly believe that this assisted me in understanding my own skin.

So listed below is my beauty routine the 1.00 version of my skin care routine these products have been with me for some time now and the fact that these do work for me I will not me removing them for my next skin updated. I hope you enjoyed this, my skincare journey will be worked in to parts so stay posted and the update 2.0 version and again I would love to know your thoughts and comments below. Love CC xx

Products from Right to left are : Mario Badescu - Acne Facial Cleanser and Special Cucumber Lotion - Kiehls Facial Cream - Clarisonic Mia 2

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