My Tanning prep - for the dry ladies

by - Friday, January 20, 2017

It’s the season to get pretty am I right? So if you were not aware it’s officially our summer here in Australia and with that being said its time to bring out our summer bronze. At this stage I’m as white as a piece of reflex office paper which for me I feel like sun just reflects of me that’s how white I am. So with this opportunity I thought I would bring to you my tanning routine the truths and maybe a myth thrown in and what makes mine so different is that I’m in fact really dry like dehydrated dry like flaky skin dry on my legs. Yep it’s a thing and it’s annoying and I feel like to get a perfect tan this entitles a little more prep, So my skin texture is totally different to my face it’s a thing and I’m not the only person in the world that has a really hot showers which do not help just being real
When I was working for a tanning manufacture 8 years ago I can tell you it’s come a long way. There was no three hour tan that you can just buy of the shelf and take home the one we had was only supplied to the salons. And there was hardly any mouses on the market and there are so many more choices out there for doing it yourself at home.

MYTH : for the dry laddies out there. Yes you can shave, shower and exfoliate day of tan doesn’t matter if it’s at home or you’re going to your local salon to get your tan done. Yes you can do all of these above the day of tan.

 The Prep Work :
I start by exfoliating the crap out of my legs my favorite products to exfoliate with are, soap and glory Flaky and the lush salt scrub. These are great for the dry skin laddies out there as they get the excess dry skin off. The harsh the better I say unless your sensitive then I would just concentrate on a normal exfoliate two to three times prior to tanning.
Moisturizing defiantly I try to moisturizes twice a day before I tan just so it can sink in and hydrate my skin I do this after I exfoliate each night leading up to my first tanning application. I do not recommend moisturizing day of tan as this creates a barrier on the skin and there for the tan will not have anything to adhere to.
Shaving yes good old shaving I do this day of tan in the shower reason being is that if you shave the day after your tan or mid-way through you will strip it so if you have that event on don’t do it.

The truth: The difference between the normal and the dry skin laddies. Normal skin have the natural oils that don’t populate dry skin as much this is the one reason they should not complete the tasks a head on same day. The reason why the dry skin laddies can is we populate too much and have a high turnover rate for dry skin/ dead skin cells. This is in fact what your fake tan stick to the best this is why us dry skin laddies can and should do this day off as we have too much dry skin/ dead skin cells.

Arosol Vs Mouse : Honest to god go for the mouse firstly there is no butane , and less alcohol in a mouse so there is less ingredients to dry you out. Soundly mouse is just easier to apply and control then the spray and to be honest if you can apply moisturizer every day you can apply the mouse with ease.

So it’s obvious I complete all the steps above so once that little task is complete I go on to the tanning application. I do suggest to purchase any of those tanning mitts on special as they do really grantee an easy application process it actually saves you from having the bad tan hands as well and it doesn’t matter what brand you pick up to be honest. As long as it does the job.
I always start with my legs first apply the mouse direct to my mit / hand and start applying in circular motion’s it does help if the mouse is tinted then you have a guide of where you have applied it makes life so much easier I try and use a pump for each side of my leg so in theory two pumps for below the knee there pump for thigh area. After you finished each section run you mit / hand over your knee as you really want to have minimal product on those prone to crease areas as those areas will collect the excess tan product. As I have mentioned you can have your tanning product on for as little as 1 hour to overnight it really depends on how dark you want to go really the darker the longer. But for those they just don’t like to be sticky and smell like tan all day your fine to shower it off after an hour I use to sleep in it overnight but I just don’t any more. When I am ready to wash the excess off I try not to jump in a very hot shower as this does dry you out even more but also I avoid any sort of shower gels as they do tend to strip the tan also and this will happen if you do that in this stage. So I just gently run over my legs and arms with water to wash

TRUTH : you can leave the tan on as long as you want , generally 1 hour for it to develop on wards is a great start. It really is up to you at this stage I don’t have patient to wait so I generally wash of after 2 to 3 hours.

TRUTH : Have you ever noticed your fake tan on day 3 maybe 4 looking a little scaly? This is in fact the fake tan sitting on clusters of your dry skin yes gross I know. But it’s true it’s not the products fault or the spray tanner it’s in fact just clusters of your dry skin. It’s the down side of being dry

I personally try to avoid moisturizing on the day after the tan and I do avoid using a loafer as well as this acts as an defoliant and tends to strip the tan on me. I do moisturizes on a daily basses this step is important as it does nourish the skin and make the tan last longer for us dry skin gals.
When the tan is over one of the ways for me to tell that my tan is at its end of life is when I start noticing my legs go a little scaly this tends to show around my ankles and shins. This tells me that it’s time to start over again. Also needing to shave my legs also helps to determine that I need to start again If I shave let’s say day two of my tan this too will strip that layer off and it’s just not a pretty look this is one of many reasons why I love shaving on the day of tan.
So when it’s time for the tan to go I just repeat my prep work again just to get that old tan off so this will work ether way if you’re going to reapply or if you are just giving up on the tanned life.

I hope this blog post was helpfully in some way I would love to know your tanning secrets or even you favorite tanning products love CC xx

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