What I have Learned In 2016

by - Tuesday, January 03, 2017

I know I have been absent from blogging but we all know how hectic life is at the end of the year so I thought that this may be a great way to get back to the swing of things. Now let’s just say like majority of the world I too was licking my wounds and nursing a sore head on new year’s day so let’s be real there was no blogging happening.

So my initial goal was to be more organized and structured with my blogging this year it sounds like a new year’s resolution but I just think it’s a little cliché. I feel like it just sets me up to fail.I’m turning it around with what I learned and goals because we all love to use the #goals aim I right laddies? for now I’m going to keep the goals to myself just for a little bit.
So what I have learned in 2016.

Skincare, okay this is something I do want to touch further on in another blog post which I will be starting on this month. So what I have learned is to invest more on my skin care products and really take the time out to look after my skin not only does my skin benefit from this but also me I get to take some timeout for myself so it’s a win really.

Another one for skincare I have to admit is that I’m a 31 years old and have only started to wear sunscreen daily. Yep 2016 this happened and it’s so important to wear sunscreen the sun can be so damaging and It’s something that you don’t see straight away but you will see the effects of sun damage down the track and that scares me and it brings on the signs of aging and no one wants that and I certainly don’t want that.

Research , Yep may sound like a task but in this stone age the information is actually at a finger tips just ask Siri, please don’t we all know that she never hears us correctly. But there is always google not just for the technically things but it can help you in ways from your high end or bigger purchases like fridges or washing machines to that recipe you saw 6 of friends like on Facebook that’s is asking for half and half what the hell is half and half ? Just google it trust me you will be surprised what answers you will get and the reviews I found those to be so helpful for the bigger ticket items like my car this helped.
So these are just some of the things that I learned in 2016 I wish everyone a very prosperous 2017 and hope everyone is feeling a little better now and not so much under the weather from way to much champagne !!!
And don’t forget please tell me what you learned on 2016 leave me a comment below I would love to know

Love always CC xx

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