My Skincare Journey - The Call to Action Part 2

by - Friday, February 03, 2017

So the way I decided on what needed to be done is over a week while going through my normal beauty routine day and night and also while I apply makeup. I was taking notes on my skin issues and concerns. I personally found this to be the best time while completing these steps as you’re more aware of what needs to be done to get your skin right.
One of my main concerns was my acne scaring of course it sucks it happened and I feel like this would be high on so many other women’s lists as well. And as the Clarisonic and my current face wash have drastically reduced my hormonal brake out’s every month this did not need to be reworked and I was happy with the outcome.
The next one would be the dryness around my eyes its more near the tear duct area but I tried a product that was recommended by a retail assistant but these little dry patches were not budging and it looked horrible when I applied make to that area It goes all patchy and just exenterates the issue.
Another major issue for me is congestion on my forehead these show up as little tiny bumps I have suffered with this for some time now it has been an ongoing issue of mine. I feel like certain products bring this out especially when I’m trailing products but this is defiantly a issue I have struggled with for some time and again these look really bad when makeup is applied also as it doesn’t hide them depending on the foundation and products used it excentrate’s these bumps.
Just plain dull lifeless looking skin that you just know can look 10 x better, but yet you hide it with makeup anyway and you know there are days where you just don’t want to wear makeup at all but you feel like you have too. There was a stage that I just gave up on wearing makeup because it just did not sit right on my skin and I’m talking my favourite face foundation of all time that I never had any issue with. For me my skin got to this point and as a makeup junkie / MUA this was one serious issue I had to figure out.
I also added to the list of what I’m NOT doing one of those being washing my face of morning seriously I would love to just spend those extra minutes in bed complaining about leaving my bed and saying a sweet farewell to it for the day. So I have no beauty routine of a morning I just wakeup and makeup.
So I had all these issues down on one list and what I’m not doing worked from the most important to the least important. So I have officially completed my list of things that I want to try and correct and start doing with my updated beauty routine. So what is next? Shopping right ? not just yet.
So the next step for me was research again this was not done in a day I think it toke me a week or two if not longer to get the knowledge on my specific skin concerns and products and what I needed to add in to my routine.
So one of the reasons behind my research was retail assistance and my thoughts are that majority of them are really not beauty therapist and there more trained in their specific brands products. And let’s say I’m not really in the mood for trial and error to be honest I really want products that work and to be honest you don’t need to be a one brand person its okay to have different brands in your routine.
So I did what any normal person would do today I went to YouTube and the internet to be honest but hey who is going to judge cause that is what any normal person is going to do. This can go wrong but it’s the truth if your reading this you too would turn to youtube.
So listed below are just a few of my tips on how I got my information that may help you along the way in renewing your skincare routine on products and skin issues.
Tip one:
So try and find a youtuber in your age bracket so for me being 30 watching 20 year olds is not exactly going to put me in the right direction as they may not have the same concerns for their skin as I do. This may take some time but hey you may have some one you all ready watch and trust in your age bracket so start searching.
Tip 2:
I wanted to avoid sponsored videos only because I feel like there is more honesty behind those that have purchased products with their own money. That’s my personally opinion but that is something that I wanted to avoid.
Tip 3:
I found the videos of their beauty routines really helpful as they express their concerns with each product that they use and what it’s for and that it has worked for them and how it works. To be honest these video’s are gold minds for your research and product knowledge and more information on skin requirements as well as skin issues.
Tip 4:
Don’t settle for one, for me I invested the time in to research and I ended up sourcing three knowledgeable youtubers that varied in the same concerns that I had it seems like a lot but the more knowledge and information for this is great.
Tip 5 :
You’re listing those products down right? So you have a very large list of products but you mainly want to start looking at those main concerns / or maybe you want to start with what your NOT doing this option is up to you. I wanted to be serious about it and I was a little cautious at the same time.
Tip: 6
So you now have a large list to try and have it broken down to concern areas this will help it not look so large and scary expensive. From this list you can then select what you want to deal with first not everyone has a lot of money to get everything they need in one hit.
 Tip 7
Time to look in to those products, Have you have notice or read the comment section on Mecca or Sephora this really helps to see what everyone else reviews are from real people. I found this part the most useful in culling products out of my list as well as depending on where you live some products may not be available to you. You may need to revisit this but if you have a large list I’m sure you can see what else there is as well as looking in to dupes.

Tip 8 :
Also check for exchange and refund policy’s on the stores you want to purchase from just in case you’re not 100% happy then at least you know that you have the ability to return that product if it’s not for you or worse case you may have had a bad reactions to it ,its comforting to know you can return or exchange.

Tip 9 :
If you’re unsure of any skin concerns try getting a facial and speaking to your beauty professional about your skin, they will be able to give you knowledge on these specific issues that you are having as well as advice on how to treat it. Most salons carry skin care products to purchase as well you don’t need to purchase from them it’s easier and it’s a great starting point something to keep noted.

Tip 10:
Take some pictures of your skin / face this not only will help you see the results of your skincare is making but you may notice your concern areas and issues.

This is just some tips I want to put out there yes sometime this isn’t full proof we all have different skin types we all have different allergy’s we are all tolerant to different type of products. That’s why it’s important to try and do your research first especially for those that have to buy offline it’s a start in taking the step to good skin care. Check your list and start looking and making your skin better and ill be back with part 3 of how I got in to my new skin care routine and can I just say I’m loving it
 Love CC xx

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