5 Months On - New Skincare Routine

by - Friday, April 28, 2017

I think it’s safe to say as its been 5 months now with my new updated skin care routine and I just wanted to do a little update to fill you in on the progress.
I’m obsessed with my new routine! I just want too say I’m loving it I have notice a big difference with my acne scaring it has become lighter and not as noticeable. Its come to the point that I no longer need to color correct these issues with makeup in the long run and that saves me time in the morning.
I haven’t been layering on the foundation for the last three months I have been getting away with just a CC foundation for everyday wear and that’s something that I didn’t think I would ever get away with let alone cut down on the use of my full converge foundations . I honestly haven’t used my Kat von D foundation for a few months now.
Makeup application alone has been a joyous experience for me so easy and fuss free and my makeup has been staying on my skin longer and I haven’t touched a primer for months. The last time I touched a primer is for a one of event and that was for New years and we all require our makeup to last the longest on new years.
Hormonal brakes at this stage have been none that’s the truth I have had a max of two pimples I do believe this was more of a break out due to a new hand cream I was wearing at the time. But so far my skin has been clear in that department which is amazing.
Only one product issues so far which I’m a little devastated about is the Caudalie C15. I loved this product it applied beautifully always sat perfect under my foundation didn’t have any over powerful fragrance ether. But sadly for some strange reason Sephora AU has decided no to stock it anymore which is annoying as I don’t think I can get it form any other online stores in Aus. For this I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board for a Vitamin C serum. I do have some options that I’m looking in to but sadly at this stage I have no vitamin C in my morning routine at this stage.

If you know of any good Vitamin C serum’s please let me now in the comments or maybe you know where I can get Caudalie C15 in Australia ?

Love Always CC XX

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