Im Back ! With Everything New

by - Saturday, April 08, 2017

I’m Back !

So if you haven’t noticed or read below I’m now rocking my own domain and gorgeous new layout which, I’m absolutely loving. They said it was easy to install and let me tell you not to sure if it was me but I have no experience in the website world at all. Yes I will say some of it was easy and a breeze to install. But let me tell you I hit a few road blocks and I did not want to back down.

I wanted the website to be fully functional in every way. And here it is today so now that it is officially up and running I will be posting as Normal. I’m going to stick with uploading on Friday nights so watch out for that.

If there is anything you want me to touch base on comment below. I do have a few product reviews in the works at the moment that I’m trying to put together in a timely fashion I have been playing with these products for some time now.

Tell me your thoughts on the new layout?

It’s great to be back

Love CC xx

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  1. I love the white and blush tones! Very clean, cohesive and simple. You go girl! Xo