My Skincare Journey - Part 3 The finale

by - Friday, April 14, 2017

Now that everything is at your fingers tips I was honestly overwhelmed with information and what products I wanted to buy. And I love a shopping spree so too know this was in the near future I was excited. Until I noticed that I had a few expensive items on my list that I wanted to purchase and they are not cheap let me tell you. I know I could have done a little more research and looked in to these items and swapped them out for cheaper ones but I really had my heart set on these two products by Sunday riley. So what I decided to do was purchasing these products in stages. I purchased the products on my list every fortnight for about 3 fortnights. I honestly believe my wallet and bank account thanked me for it and the great thing was I wasn’t sending my self broke.

Now as exciting as it was with all the new products coming my way I just couldn’t wait to play with them and rub them all over my face at once. But I was just a little scared too as I didn’t know if any of these products were going to give me a reaction in anyway. From previous experiences this has happened to me before and I wanted to take this really easy and I wanted to know straight away if one of these products was going to do this and to be able to pin point exactly which one.

How I went about it was adding a product at a time so I started with one product added in to the routine using it twice a week for two weeks and from there as each product started arriving I was adding them in repeating this over and over with each product. So I was able to take note on how each product worked on my skin and if there was any irritation or reaction occurring. It toke about a month to a month and a half for me to use all these new products on an everyday basis morning and night. Lucky for me this was not the case but it is better to be safer then sorry in my books. Now if this was to happen and irritation occurred I would be able to swap that exact product out in a heart beat.

From there you can decide what you want to do with that product to be honest if your skin reacted to it I would not use it again that’s the exact reason why looking at the exchange a refund policy from the store’s you purchased it from as they may let you refund/ exchange it.

As I was adding a new product’s I honestly believe this was defiantly the best way to go. Not only to be able to pin point any reactions straight away but I was honestly seeing the difference of what each product was doing to my skin. I know this post has been a long time coming I’m sorry for the delay.

Let me know if you have updated your skincare routine and how you have did it you can comment below.

love CC xx

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