Review –: L’oreal Pure Clay masks

by - Friday, April 21, 2017

You may be familiar with one of the latest new releases from L’oreal skincare the trilogy of pure clay face masks. Each mask is to combat different facial issues all with the 3 pure clay ingredients with one different ingredient in each. The three face masks that they released are listed below with their corresponding issue that they are targeting as stated per their package.

3 pure clays + Charcoal for Detoxifying and Brighten
3 pure clays + Eucalyptus for Purifies & Mattifies
3 pure clays + red algae for Exfoliating and smoothing

With their marketing campaign they are pointing out that you can triple mask as that’s a thing? So if you have all these concerns you can place each mask too your desired concern areas. As you may think this is a smart move. Truth is to be honest you could really do this with any mask’s you can purchase or have laying around in your beauty cabinet.

I just want to say I didn’t purchase the algea one I would have liked to give it a try. At this stage for some reason I’m on this complete mask bender so to add another one to the pile would be insane.

My favourite part to discuss if you haven’t noticed is packaging, the packing among all three are very similar. I do love how they created them to be the same that all three masks are cohesive together, I think that was well planned.

All three masks are in a glass jar I think it gives that touch of elegance. The green they have used gives it a fresh vibe feel.The jar top I guess you could call it is very generous in size. I don’t think there would be any issues with getting any product out no struggles at all. If anything it might be hard to get it out from underneath the corners. Overall I do love the packaging.

 The L’oreal mask’s I did purchase were the 3 pure clays + Eucalyptus to Purifies & Mattifies

 And the 3 pure clays + Charcoal for Detoxifying and Brighten. ( as pictured above )

Both of these masks and their results I found a little sub-par it’s not terrible, but it’s not flat out fabulous ether. To be honest I felt like it did a little brightening then it did detoxing my skin. I didn’t really notice any results though. There was no oh my god moment or when I woke up in the morning I defiantly didn’t see or feel any difference with my skin.

The fragrance killed me I struggle having this sit on my face for 10 to 15 minutes while it dried as the fragrance is so overpowering and it was way to floral scented for a facemask its way too strong for me. What the box says and what it does just didn’t work for me but in saying that I felt like both masks are the same I couldn’t tell the difference with them.

I may have enjoyed them more without the fragrance factor as this was one of the big factors for me and it would be the main reason why I didn’t like these masks. After researching and updating my skin care routine last year having addition fragrance in my skin care line up is something I want to try and avoid.

Overall I’m not going to rush in to using them again I will keep them in my draw as a backup for now. Sadly not a repurchase at all for me. Let me know if I’m crazy for not liking them tell me your thoughts on these masks below.
Love cc xx

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