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by - Saturday, May 27, 2017

If you haven’t seen this brand around Instagram with their own and everyone else’s amazing Instagram picks, well you will need to grab your phone and do a little Instagram searching #THEFRANKEFFECT and check them out.
These guys do amazing coffee scrubs which I am yet to try they are on my list, trust me. So when I was wanting to purchase their products I was checking out their site. I came across their lip duo as I’m all about catering for my lips, because girl! there is nothing worse than applying matte lipsticks to all ready dry and peeling ones and we all know matte lipsticks dry our lips out even more as it is. It’s not a hot look. Yes catering for your lips for the lipstick obsessed is key for before application and after let me tell you. My lips always tend to dry out and flake when there is a season change so thought this combo would be perfect for our up and coming season change’s to autumn and to winter.
This little duo is perfect as you get the lip scrub and the gloss it’s like a 2 for 1 special all in one how could anyone turn that down. And both products go hand in hand of each other making them the perfect duo.
The packaging is far too cute with the saying tested on babes this is the cutest touch I have seen in a long time. But it has a real organic chic feel to the packaging very clean and basic. Now there is no ingredients listed on these two products but to be honest they are so small even if they did you wouldn’t be able to read them so I’m all for them not being on there. And for those who are concern you can find all the ingredient listing on their website.

Lip scrub,
I have had a few lip scrubs in my time two of them are from what I like to think are leading brands as much as I do love them this one defiantly stands out, Why ? For me it is in fact a scrub but there is a conditioning effect with this one which I think makes it stand out. I also love the fact it’s not over abrasive like some brands ether.
It’s a scrub and a conditioner all in one, so it exfoliates and polish’s and nourishes the lips gets rid of any dry flaky skin this is all thanks to the coffee grains in it and I mean real coffee grains. The coconut oil I can only just pin point in this mainly because the coffee really stands out in these products and this is where you get the conditioning nourishment effect from. After use my lips feel polished and conditioned. As a matte lipstick junkie this is the perfect slate to ad lipstick too.
Did I mention real coffee grains the most important benefit I noticed is if you’re a true coffee addict using the lip scrub of a morning really helps with that morning coffee craving that one has when waking up well its keeps me going until I get to work as it truly tastes and smells just like a freshly brewed coffee now as if that doesn’t sound so delicious.

Lip balm,
When it comes to lip balms and lip treatments I really do believe I hold high expectations to all of these products and to be quite honest I am the pickiest person when it comes to them all. So to find one that I truly love and want to use all the time it does get a little hard. I think two of my most important pet hates when it comes to lip glosses and lip balm is taste and stickiness. So too be able to find a gloss or treatment with out any of these two things would be a blessing in disguise.
Well the blessing has been found my friends, hands down for me this is a winner no bad taste and no stickiness I am quite content with this lip treatment. The lip balm goes hand in hand with the scrub 100% percent! . There is no stickiness and no bad taste ether. Its not one of those balms that your hair stick to which makes it perfect for night time use. From the ingredient list again we have the coconut oil and various other natural oil treatments but to be honest I have noticed a little hint and taste of coffee not as strong as the scrub but its there.

With both of these products and the enjoyment I have had for using them daily has been a major win for me. Both of these products have helped with my whole chapped lip seasonal transition that my lips get when the change from summer to autumn and autumn to winter come around seriously they get in to a state that matte lipstick should never be applied to.
That’s not the only reason why I love this duo prepping my lips with both of these products before a matte lipstick application. I do notice that doesn’t matter what finish of lipstick I’m applying it really dose make the application process that much smother ( no pun intended ) but also the aftermath of wearing matte lipstick for me my lips feel dehydrated these two are perfect for bringing back smooth nourished lips.
These two together a real hero’s to any lipstick junkie out there and with all natural ingredients is a major win also. I’m in love and have used them constantly from the day of purchase honestly a staple in my routine and will be a major repurchase for me when I run out. If you are a lipstick wearer then check this duo team out. If you have any favorite lip care products let me know I would love to check them out.
Stay posted for some more frank goodies love CC xx

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  1. Such lovely products. I've only tried they body scrub but have always wanted to try more of their range ��

    1. well if you loved there coffee body scrub , you will love this lip scrub

  2. So informative!! Thanks for posting!

  3. These sound amazing, my lips are very dry and love a good moisturizing product for lips.

    1. both of these products have been working a treat in this dry winter we are having

  4. Sounds like awesome products... Nice review dear

  5. great products!! nice review dear!!