Haircare Review : Evo Happy Campers Leave- in Moisturiser

by - Thursday, July 20, 2017

And a big welcome back to everyone! I may not be the one for up keep when it comes to my nails or my hair but sometimes it’s good to try new things in areas that you wouldn’t .So I was quite happy to except some Evo hair products form and I love their website so I thought why not and a huge thank you to them.
My hair doesn’t get much attention from me as I’m a wash and condition repeat kind of girl. Just to give you all a quick run down on my hair situation it’s is flat and when I mean flat I’m telling you a pancake would have more volume then my hair. Its straight and thin pretty boring really, I don’t blow dry it unless I need to which is hardly ever. I can get away with washing it once a week it’s doesn’t tend to get overly greasy. Yeah I admit by Saturday it’s a little on the gross side but nothing a bun can’t fix. Enough of me going on about my hair let’s get in to this product shall we.
Let’s talk about packaging, even though its plan white packaging I love the colours that they have chosen for each product and their statements that they have for each one. They are seriously worth a read. You will have a LOL moment with the statement’s on each product. Each little statement coincides with that product, It’s such a cute touch. The fragrance is a little on the lines of a floral sent it’s not that overpowering which for me is a bonus. If there is anything that annoys me about serums and leave in hair products is that most of the time these products require you to blow dry your hair. Well my friend! I am way too lazy to do that on a Sunday. So I was so impressed when there was no mention of blow drying on this product. I thought there was no hope of me taking care of my hair and being lazy.

With application of this product I shampooed and conditioned in the shower as normal. I applied this product after I gave my hair a good towel dry and my hair was still damp as the instruction advised. I applied this product in two sections, avoiding the roots and focusing from the crown to down lower on my hair , where I need the moisture the most.
Not once has this product made my hair tacky or heavy at all one of the reasons why I have fallen in love with this product. On another note on a normal day my hair is so hard to control after it’s been washed. This product has left my hair fab no fizziness after and no knots. Yes even people with dead straight hair can suffer from server knots.
On another up note as well I can actually do something with my hair as it has given my hair a little extra volume as well so I can manage it better on the day of washing and the day after. Something I have not been able to do for so long with my very basic what I think is normal hair routine.
Any busy lazy girls, busy mums if you want to add a little extra to your hair care routine without any fuss as you just don’t have time to stand around blow drying your hair. Honestly this one is great serious no time wasted on this one at all. I would love to know everyone ones little time saving trips when it comes to their hair care routine comment below.
Again a big thank you to RY I high recommended all Aussie laddies to check out their website.
Until next time, Love CC xxx

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  1. I need a leave in conditioner. Will be checking this one out. Thanks.
    Michelle xx |
    IG: @shellie_belle_

  2. This looks amazing, might have to check this one out! Great post

  3. Great review, i love a good hair leave-in for my dry frizzy hair.

    1. i have never thought to use one , but this one has be fab to use

  4. Seems like a great product. I have frizzy hair.. This might does wonders for my hair

    1. i get the day after frizz and this product has tamed that for sure

  5. I need to try this leave in conditioner out!