REVIEW : Marc Jacobs High And Fine Gift Set

by - Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sometimes I just like to treat myself to something luxurious every now and again, Maybe just a little more than I should. But having the Australian dollar price tag most high end make-up isn't as desired 
So I was so surprised when I found this little high and fine eyeliner gift set by Marc Jacobs for the price I just had to have it. To me I thought this was such great value.
In this gift set there was a total of 4 eyeliners two High liners eyeliners in the shades : out of the blue and Ro(cocoa) both weighing at 0.37g also in the gift set where two fine liner eyeliners shades Blacquer and (nude)ist these weighing in at 0.04g a tad disappointing on the weight spectrum but they are samples after all.
I was in the market for some new eyeliners so it was worth while at the time of purchase the gift set was 44 au dollars so they work out at 11 dolour’s each.

I could go in to the packaging but hey they are deluxe mini size samples, there exact replicas of the full size ones I hope, I haven’t seen the real size ones in person so I’m going off the cuff on that one, Marc Jacob's packing to me is so luxe its always so shiny these eyeliners are silver and black just so pretty.
Both Fine and the High liners pencils are mechanical so twist for product I’m not too sure of this is the exact same for the full size ones. Let’s talk more about the actually product as that’s what we are here for.

FINE LINER : Blacquer and (Nude)ist
The product does seem a little hard and a little scratchy when I have applied this in to my water line, But for above the lash line and under the bottom lash line it worked well.
The fine tip makes it perfect for little detail work I found it perfect for the above lash line without it looking to thick. When it came to smudging it out for a Smokey affect it blended well, I did have to work a little quickly as it was setting but not overly fast I think it was more the thickness of the product.

Now the only issue I had with it I'm not too sure if it’s the products fault or just my overly sensitive eyes but both the blaccquer and nudesit fine liners did not stay in my water line at all both disappeared I would say within an hour I would be lucky to get two hours of this staying put on my water line. This is not conclusive sorry I really do struggle with this due to my overly watery eyes.
The black I did notice stayed black all day, it didn’t change colour at all and it did wear well throughout the day. I didn’t notice it smudging or running at all. It pretty much stayed put all day it was great to be able to wear a black eyeliner and not have to baby sit it through out the day or check on it in case I was walking around like a panda which no one want’s.

The nudeist shade in the fine liner this one I only ever used it in my water line, being nude what else could I do with it? Really It’s nude? Sorry I can’t really give much more details on it apart from that. I did decide to use it to outline / over draw my lips and it worked a treat to be honest it worked better than my normal lip liner pencils
                             Fineliner _ (nude)ist  and Blacquer
                             Highliner in Ro(cocoa) and Out Of The Blue

HIGH LINER : Out of the blue & Ro(cocoa)
This one I really enjoyed the colour it worked perfect for most of my colour combo shadows just added this to the lower lash line smudged it out with some brown shadow and I had my self a work appropriate Smokey eye. Product wise it’s not as hard as the fine liner which was great it is very pigmented and very workable I have used this both top and lower lash line to create a full look. Again this one stayed put for the day and didn’t really wear at all form what I could see and it did not discolour at all. Again I did try this in the water line and I could not justify the lasting power as it did wear of pretty quickly, again over sensitive eyes does not help.
I really want to repurchase the fine liner I could really use a fine liner for extra detail work, it would be well used. I will defiantly be purchasing the full size one. For the other shades not so much not that they didn’t perform I just don’t have a use for the other colours in my makeup collection.
A side not to any MUA out there I would not recommend these for use in a makeup kit as you cannot sanitizes them at all there are all mechanic so there is no way you can sharpen them at all sadly I think this would be the only down side to both of these eyeliners is they are mechanic. I would love to hear from anyone that has the full size products of both of these eyeliners to see of they are mechanic. Or maybe you have your own thoughts on these eyeliners I would love to hear from you too.

Until next time love cc xoxo

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  1. Ooh these look great. I like the idea of being able to use the nude for eyes or lips ☺️

  2. Love that blue one. Gorgeous colour!! Shame the other two didn't last in your water line.
    Michelle xx |

  3. I love the marc jacobs highliners so much!!

  4. These sound so amazing, the shades are so beautiful. especially the blue one is so pretty. I wish the black shade had worked well too.

  5. That blue color is my favorite.. I have had a black colored liner by them. It used to be my favorite