The Normal Persons shampoo by Evo

by - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Welcome back lovers something a little differently from me a little extension the my last blog post on the EVO happy campers hair conditioner this time it’s the EVO shampoo – Normal persons
It has been so long in between shampoo updates. I have been using a body shop shampoo for so long now it has been well over a year now. To be able to switch it up is fantastic. So this opportunity was not going to be wasted at all.

Let’s get into the packaging I’m not too sure if you would call them quotes or blubs but each product has a different one and they are worth the read. Apart from that the packaging alone it is a basic white but I will say that the shape of the bottle is very unique and sturdy. And the little blubs really stand out with the bold colours.

“Normal persons shampoo is practically Latin for smart-thinking hair care brand that jumps on the bandwagon and makes a good shampoo”

The smell I really wish I could describe the smell but it’s far from floral, it was so fresh that it really smells invigorating. For those that love to gym it and shower at the gym this would be perfect or those morning ladies that love to wash their hair of a morning. It was the freshest smelling shampoo I have smelt for a while. It’s defiantly different compared to all the pretty floral scents that most shampoos are
Is it just me or do other people judge a shampoo purely on lather alone? I have been disappointed with some shampoos in the past purely on their lather. Well this one doesn’t disappoint in that area at all my last shampoo that I used lacked in this area.
After washing my hair it smells like I have walked out of the hair dressers and know that not only this shampoo but this brand is obviously trusted by saloons as I have seen this brand in so many around in my area.

The shampoos states that this shampoos gently cleanses and removes product build up and that the combined protein and anti-Sebum agent is to give a oil free coat and a balanced scalp. I believe this is true I defiantly felt my hair stayed cleaner for longer as well. And the built up product was defiantly removed.

This product and the happy campers really worked well together, usually after I wash my hair the next day it is very static and frizzy both these products really reduced this with my hair. And made it more manageable the day after.
Another thing that I noticed was the reduction of dandruff, which I think what not so much dandruff but product build up.

I have been completely happy with this products that I would be completely happy to repurchase it again or any other products from this brand. Feel free to comment nay haircare tips below I would love to know.
Love CC xoxo

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  1. Oil free scalp and balanced hair - This salon shampoo sounds perfect!! Great review

  2. This sounds like a nice shampoo. I do get dandruff time to time and have sensitive scalp. I will check this one out.

    1. I'm in the same boat and winter dose not help that little situation, but this has been pleasent for me

  3. Sounds like what I need. Thanks for the review michelle xx |

  4. I freaking love Evo so much! I was super lucky to model for them when I lived in Brisbane 5 years ago. The educational leader was so cool! All their products are amazing.

    Felicia //