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by - Thursday, September 07, 2017

Welcome back ladies, as you can tell I have been busy putting my thoughts through on the colour pop brand and products. When I entail did my order at the first start of this year I wanted to get a broad idea on their products without going extremely overboard, just in case and by doing that I purchased three products from their main Range. This blog post is focusing on their Super shock eyeshadows. Now I could brake it down by shades which I will do just so you can get an idea of the texture and shade’s that I chose so in the super shadows I purchased Nillionaire and prickly pear and Reversible
Let’s touch base on packaging just quickly now its standard white packaging across the normal range. I find their packaging not to flimsy at all pretty sturdy really for the price tag. A little chunky so I’m not too sure if you would want to travel with this at all to be honest.

Reversible :
I chose this shade as I felt like it would be pretty useable something I could just chuck on by its self-use too highlight the inner eye to brow bone. Not the colour it’s self So to me it’s like a champagne shade so its gold with a beige undertone it’s more of a shimmer the finish as per their website is stated pearlized ,And I say that’s pretty spot on. The products is very nice to touch it is a cream in my books very bouncy to touch like a mouse consistency it has that air like feel too it. Application wise I suggest fingers as it does apply so well. Brush application not so much you don’t get the coverage you do with your fingers. This one was my favourite to use it was very easy to apply and it did stay to a point throughout the day the only issue I had with this one was settling in to the cresses of my eyes. It was perfect as a brow high light though.

Nillionaire :

I purchased this one for the dark gold factor I am obsessed and I have a few powder eyeshadow in this shade range that I thought would complement this one well. The shade to me is like an antique gold. This one is an ultra-glitter formula. And the pigment is well represented and the product is again cream and bouncy to touch. And you can see the glitter in it. Again finger application highly suggested again. This one was a really shame though as the colour didn’t fade throughout the day I did have the major issue of this one too ceasing really badly and settling in those cresses through out the day. And the fall out was even worse for some reason on this one too. The weird thing was when I was applying it there was no fall out at all but as it wore throughout the day it was casing fall out.

Prickly Pear:

This is a shade I wouldn’t usually go for but I did it has the lovely purple golden shade I really do love it again this one is an ultra-glitter. You can see the glitter in this one to. Again cream consistency but I do find this one not as bouncy as the others it does seem that little bit firmer than the other two. Again finger application is preferred. This one applies like a dream as state below in my overall thoughts. This one was one of the worst for me it fades straight away and one leaves remints of glitter. Through out the day as the products was disappearing it was dispersing the left over glitter to fall out over my face.

Packaging and product alone I was overwhelmed with how lovely and again pigmented and workable all three eyeshadows were. So don’t get me wrong with I am not debating that. Okay here comes the fun part. My honest impression. Okay this is where I may come of a little bitchy but hey I purchased all these products with my own money. I had nothing but issues while wearing this, No issue with application just there wear alone.

All these shadows you wouldn’t even need to debate the pigmentation it is there no questions ask. Application of all these ones above are honestly a breeze but to be honest your best to apply this with your fingers as stated I found this to be more effect way and easier then eyes shadow brushes’ When I did use eye shadow brush application wasn’t as pigmented and slightly awkward for some reason. With fingers the product just glides on to your skin with easy. So use your fingers ladies

I can’t understand how application and product is such a dream to work with especially for a cream product All three shadows creased in my eye lids and that’s including the times I used a primmer. Both ultra-glitter ones had fall out during the day and glitter would fall all over my face, I had the two main colour ones Prickly Pear and Nillionaire they both faded throughout the day I was left with no colour just left over glitter on my eyelids and all over my face.

So as I wanted to get wear out of these I decided to try them off as a base , As an eye shadow base they work okay but again the supper shock shadows still crease in my eyes and cause fall out. And that is me using my naked eye shadow pallets. And those powders alone never crease in my eyes nor do they fall out. So I can say that it’s the supper shock shadows that do not work for me at all. I don’t see myself using these guys again I’m just happy that they are cheeps o this will just sit in my makeup draw for the time being collecting dust. And that would mean there is no chance I’ll be purchasing these or any other shadows form the Colourpop range. Please tell me you have had a way better experience with the Colourpop eye shadow range? Comment below.

Until next time

Love CC xoxo

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  1. How disappointing and love your honesty.
    I have a few of these but they sit in my drawer. I have so many other shadows I love more so they just don't get used
    Michelle xx |

  2. I haven't tried any, I'm always hesitant when I think I need some haha. Great review love your honesty! :)

  3. what a detailed and honest review..I never tried single shadows from them. I like palettes more. I never think I will buy singlets too.

  4. I have their single in the shade coconut and love it..they got some amazing shade collection

  5. I like the look of Nillionaire, wish it worked well. Nice review!