My 30yr old perspective review on the Colourpop – Highlighters

by - Thursday, September 28, 2017

Welcome back all to my last installment of my Colourpop goodies is final here. And it’s all about the highlighters how could anyone not buy there highlighters. So naturally I picked up two off their super shock highlighters in Whipped and Wisp I will say they look mighty pretty.

The packaging for the highlighters is exactly the same as their eye shadow packaging if you want full details check that post out, Ill add the links below. I won’t bore you with these details again so let’s get in to it shall we.

Whipped :
It looks so pretty in the pan with its marble effect I honestly didn’t want to touch it as it looked so pretty. The shade its self is a soft nude like pink, the product to touch is silky soft with the common mouse like texture that I have noticed through the super shock range. This one defiantly has shimmer through it I cannot detect any large chunks of glitter which is great for anyone who does not like chunky or overly glitter highlighters. Application with fingers is a must. I did struggle with applying this with a brush I felt that it really brakes the product up on the skin and makes it apply choppy.
Wisp :
This one is like a nude gold very shimmery and I cannot detect any glitter in it also, so that’s fantastic. I did find this one the products is a little softer then whipped, not to sure why that is still the Formula is the mouse like texture again but it feels softer. One thing I have noticed with this one the product has started to come away from the edges and sadly it’s starting to crumble and I haven’t dropped this product at all and it hasn’t been chucked in to my hand bag ether it has just been sitting around on my dresser.

My overall thoughts on both of these highlighters are exactly the same. Both are pigmented I will not question this for a second at all. When I first applied them they looked absolutely stunning with the overall highlighter on fleek look. Both products apply so beautifully with your fingers and when you look in the mirror for me they both really do give of this really gorgeous naturally glow which I so loved. Sadly it didn’t stay like that for long. The product really sat and collected in my tiny fine little skin textured lines. And the product went all powdery as well and this is when I was wearing them with foundation and also with no makeup at all. It was really disappointing and I have never had a cream product do that before, well I have had one other product do that before. So for me these were a real disappointment and defiantly two products that I will never wear again nor will I ever purchase again. I’m starting to think if there is an age bracket that has not been spoken about with this brand being 32 I honestly don’t think this brand is for me and I can honestly say I will not be repurchasing. I would love to know if any other 30 years olds have had a great experience with this brand, leave your comments below.

Until next time,

Love CC xoxo

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  1. I just got my first Colourpop highlighter..can't wait to try it soon

  2. I got 3 highlighters as free gifts with one of my purchase...I love them

  3. The shades look amazing, wish they had worked well.

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  5. I need to try more of the Colour Pop range. Great review, love the honesty!