The Lucky Dip that is Colourpop Ultra Satin Lipsticks

by - Thursday, September 14, 2017

Welcome back everyone to my little Colourpop series. I will be sharing my thoughts on the Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks. As I wanted to purchase a little something from each area of the Colourpop range I thought I would give these ago. And I did read a few bloggers thoughts on the Matte range and they sounded really matte to me. So thought the Ultra satin ones might be more my pace. Now let’s get in to the details shall we. I won’t bore you this time with an intro.


I’m not here to really talk about the packaging what you see is what you get really. It’s the same packaging across the whole range. The plastic it’s not overly cheap and flimsy. If there is anything I don’t like and that is the holographic writing on the packaging as it is quite hard to read in some lighting situations. And also hard to get it to show up on camera and it’s really easy for it to rub off. I have just had these sitting around my house form the time of purchase and the writing is starting to fade away. I was expecting the packaging to be very cheaper then what it is to be honest. I do like the foam applicator tip its pretty standard it applies the product well like it should. I have had worse applicator tips on more expensive products. So I was quiet impressed

Colourpop – Love Muffin

When I saw this shade in the tube and swatched it I loved it, honestly thought it could be my perfect nude. It looks like it would be a nude and when you swatch it, it looks like a nude. Until I applied it, It shows up very light pink on my lips which is okay I can live with it as a day / work shade. It does have great staying power with a little touch up at lunch and I’m good for the afternoon. I do find this one a little drying on my lips compared to Lyin king. I guess the bonus with this one being so light you don’t tend to notice it if it is bleeding at all. The down fall to this one though is that it does sit and collect a little in to the lines of my lips. Which is sad I had really high hopes for this one. It’s still okay to wear just the drying effect for me is a little annoying.
Colourpop – Lyin King

For me this would be a deep pink with a red undertone, and these shades always speak to me. Give me a deep pink/red any day of the week and ill scream for it. To be honest most of my lip collection is filed with these pink red shades. I applied this at about 8.00am in the morning and it applied quite well. It went on smoothly I did let it dry and apply a second layer to it. No balling and it didn’t turn out patchy ether. There was no need to question the pigment, It was there checked on it at about 10am in the morning and there was no fade and no bleeding no cracks or balling everything seemed to be looking fine and on point. As this is the satin formula I do find it to sit a little on the matte side which is perfect very comfortable on the lips as well. No over dry feeling which is a win for me as I do tend to pick at my lips when that happens it’s a real bad habit.

So after 8 hours I totally forgot that I had it on, it did look like it pretty much wore of around the insides of my mouth I did noticed that it’s now clinging to some dry patches on my lips. For me I’m quite happy with wearing this to work , I’m not the type to sit there and baby sit my lipsticks so to be able to put one application on and forget about it is great. And I felt like this is one of them that can survive trough my work day. If there is anything I don’t like is the high transfer and moveability of this product I wouldn’t trust myself to wear this on a girls night out I would end up looking like the joker.
Colourpop - London Fog
London fog is a real red, with a slight blue under tone it is a shade that I do tend to lean towards when buying red lipsticks. Again It is defiantly pigmented it’s not a sheer red at all. When applying it applies so smoothly and easily you can even go over it with another and it want ball or go patchy. Wear wise it looked pretty perfect for the first hour of wear but after the two hour mark it started to bleed and it just got a little worse with each hour that goes by. Once lunch time came around reapplication had to be done due to eating. I did happen to come home for dinner and shit got real. My lipstick was all over my face it had moved while eating.It was everywhere but my lips. For me I cannot trust this lipstick I’m not too sure if I would wear it again to be honest it is already deemed untrustworthy in my books and the bleeding wasn’t a good look ether.

To me I feel like I got two good products out of three , And I’m starting to wonder if it really is worth purchasing Colourpop product’s I’m starting to find their products like a lucky dip for kids. You pay 5 dollars and you ether get a cute toy ring or a crappy eraser.
I will not wear London fog again due to the movability of this products and if I did ever wear it again it would only be for a very short period of time with no eating involved. Again Love muffin I have worn to work and will continue to do so and the same with Lyin King. These two I’m happy with.

Now when it comes to purchasing any lip products by colour pop I’ll have to be honest and say I think this will be it for me. Only from trial and error point of view and from a 32 year old point of view. I’m not a diehard fan and I’m not really over the moon screaming it form the roof tops in love with anything I have used as yet. I would love to know your thoughts on any Lip products you have purchased form colourpop ? Leave them below. In the comments section

Until next time Love CC xoxo

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  1. Great review! I haven't tried colour pop lip products yet. Interesting to hear honest thoughts :)

  2. Lyin King and London Fog are some of my fav shades too! These are fab products from Colourpop

    1. I wish I could completely love these they colours are just so pretty

  3. I hardly ever wear lipstick of any sort, but holy crap I definitely want to try these now! I've heard nothing but great things about Colourpop. Thank you!

    1. I'm not an everyday wearer of lipsticks but I'm trying to wear them more

  4. London Fog is a pretty shade! I love it! Colour Pop is killing with the new launches. I like everything about that brand

    1. They launch a collection every week , I really wish I could love them more to repurchase

  5. I have to agree. I am not a huge fan of their lip products. Great post
    Michelle xx |

  6. Thank you for such a detailed review. I like the shade Lyin King, wish they were that good.