Oh so very Ordinary – The ordinary Retinoid 2%

by - Thursday, October 12, 2017

Welcome back beauty’s so some of you maybe have seen my previous review on the Ordinary’s Lactic Acid 5% + HA well this one is on the retinoid 2% now with the price point of this product range, who wouldn’t want to try these out there so cost effective and I have to say so much more cheaper than the product range that I have been using lately and at the fraction of the cost. So when I started reading other blog posts and started to notice that some bloggers were pin pointing this to be the dupe of the Luna oil by Sunday Riley I just had to try this theory out for myself.

Can I just say I love the packaging of their range really basic and medical like I love it? It just seems so clean and clinical to me. I love the glass bottle and I guess for the price if you dropped it and the product smashed it would be okay it’s not like it’s a 100 plus product you could easily replace at 18 dolour’s au of course.

The smell can be a little off putting to some it is a little pungent I think you will ether hate it or be okay with it. I’m fine with it I can live with the smell. I would prefer products to smell rather than have companies off set it with additional fragrance to be honest. I’m not one for the additional fragrance additive that most skincare company’s use as it doesn’t do my skin justice.

Application wise there really isn’t much to touch base on there. You just massage it over your face gently of course. It does tend to go a little tacky but once I placed my night moisturiser on over it you don’t notice this at all.

After some use of the Advance retinoid I’m happy to announce I had no additional brakes out with this product which is fantastic totally static with that outcome. I defiantly didn’t have any skin irrational or congestion bumps ether. I have to say this products has not affected my skin at all.

Did I notice any outstanding changes, Hell No !!Did not notice any changes at all which the down side to this is. Not once did I wake up thinking this product is amazing, my skin fells amazing moments. And the sad truth is I have been using this product for well over a month so don’t think I’m one of those bloggers that uses a product for 7 days and brags about it. I have taken the miles to test this and there is no outcome of great healthy looking skin if there is one thing that I have noticed I do believe that has been drying my skin out just a little. So for me I will not repurchase this product but I will use it up to be honest and I will back down form using it everyday though. I’m thinking ill alternate and just use it twice a week from now on. As some people have suggested this product is a dupe for the Luna oil by Sunday riley , my thoughts on this is there is no way this product even come close. To this day I’ll continue to use the Luna oil. I would love to know your thoughts on the Ordinary range maybe you love it, maybe you’re on the fence about it too I would still love to know your thoughts.

Until next time

Love CC xoxo

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  1. I love The Ordinary's range, such great quality affordable products. I haven't tried this so I might have to now. :)

  2. Sad that it didn't work for you... I purchased this too but haven't started using yet..fingers crossed

  3. So sad it didn't work for you. I love this one and it has really changed the texture of my skin.

  4. This brand is all over the social media, wish it had worked well.