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by - Thursday, November 09, 2017

 Welcome back everyone, something a little different on the blog this time and yes it still consistent with makeup so don’t think I’m switching it up just yet. I’m talking about this new little beauty find called the Face Halo. Now if you’re a diehard Chloe Morello fan you may have already heard of this. Now by all means this is not a collaboration product and she is not sponsored by them ether from what my understanding from her last video is that Chloe is a part of the company.

If you couldn’t tell from the tittle it’s the modern Makeup remover it’s a reusable makeup pad fully designed with woven microfiber technology and these little gems are environmentally friendly. If there is one thing that I struggle with and that is using makeup wipes to remove my makeup as they just irate my skin, so for me wipes are not an everyday use even though there just so easy to use. When I really looked in to these I thought wow I can save money and time by purchasing these. So I jumped right on in and purchased a packet no questions asked.
Now as it usually goes I would talk about packaging, not this time around I’m jumping straight into the product. These rounds are so supper soft and you can feel how it can be so gentle on the face. I do have to say I love the effect of that black satin edging on the outer edges of the halo. And the little tag on it too will be so handy to be able to hang around in the bathroom for prober drying they feel so luxurious. My normal method to removing my makeup is with bioderma Micelle solution I use this to take of the bulk of my makeup. After this when I hop in to the shower I use the Bioderma cleansing milk to remove the excess of makeup before I go in with my real cleanser and clairasonic.

Now that I have this Face halo all that is required is to wet the Face halo and start wiping, serious it’s that easy even the instructions says so. My first use of this was truly ground breaking it was better than sex honestly just a few wipes and my whole entire face was makeup free. And when I was cleansing my face with my clairasonic and notice there was no makeup residue I was actually lost for words. This round with just water had removed everything including my benefit there real massacra, and we all know that product alone is one of the most stubborn. There has been many times I still wake up in the morning with mascara still on my eye lashes.
After every use I have just rinsed it under the tap with normal hand soap to get the makeup off which has cleaned all the makeup of it and has kept it in its crisp clean white condition. I did try and use common products in my shower to clean it, slight unsuccessfully. I have only found hand soap to work the best I’m not too sure why that is but it has removed all the makeup from the round every time. Not washing it straight away will cause for it to stain as well.

They say one of these rounds can be washed for up to 200 rounds and you can just chuck it in with your white / light clothing. I have down this I have placed it clean of course with my white work shirts it has come out fine . It didn’t do any damage to my shirts and no damage to the Face Halo. They do say not to ad fabric softener so chucking it in with my normal white’s is fine.

I have not been this impressed with a makeup removal product for a very long time, well the last one was Bioderma micellaire water. And to be honest I have not picked up my Bioderma scene using these face halo’s. I’m so impressed with this product I honestly am looking at gifting these out to my close friends and family as a Christmas gifts that is how impressed I am. I’m even thinking about buying another packet too just to have on hand, for when I’m purely too lazy to wash.
If you’re a environmentally friendly beauty junkie or vegan you will love!They are up your alley. And to those ladies out there that struggle with makeup removers due to irritation these are perfect too. Mums with daughters that are experimenting with makeup get on board again perfect for their young impressionable skin. To the lazy makeup savvy girls to the young and old,seriously I couldn’t speak more highly of the Face halo. Have you heard of the face halo? Leave your thoughts below in the comments, until next time all

Love CC xoxo

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  1. These look amazing! I need to give them a go I think. Great review xx

  2. These look awesome... I wish to try this too.... I m kind of bored of oil cleansers

  3. This looks so good! I think I need one!

    1. I honestly have not used anything else to remove my makeup , I highly recommend