The ordinary + HA really Ordinary : Review

by - Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hello gorgeous people, Hope everyone is well? It’s been awhile between blog posts I know.
Last month I gave in to the popularity that is the ordinary skin care range. Everyone was bragging about it from the price point to the products even to the concept of this range. My little situation was that I was running extremely low on the good genes and Luna oil from Sunday riley. And as every blogger or beauty junkie knows that this skincare range is on the costly side doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in. At this stage I have been on a no spend band as well so thought I would take the plunge. So I did a little research consulted in some beauty groups and came up with this product being the cheaper dupe for the Sunday riley good genes. Now I wasn’t going to question that until I tried it.

And the verdict is in you may think this will be another bragging post from me but this is my honest opinion. Keep reading to see my true thoughts on this product.Is it a Fantastic product? And would it be great as a dupe for the Sunday Riley good Genes? Lets find out shall well.

I love the packing its simple and plain it has this clinical look and feel about it and I’m all about that vibe. I love the frosted glass bottle this gives of the impression that this isn’t a real cheep item and doesn’t come across as super cheap well to me anyway .
Well my friends I hate to say but I found the product Blah real Blah. I didn’t think it really did anything at all. The first few times I used it I did notice some brake outs. Now some will say this is just purging but to be honest there is now way my skin would have purges just after two uses. It takes a good two weeks for products to reach down in to layers of the skin to cause that to happen. I did stop using it immediately after that and gave it rest for a week just to calm my skin down. Another issue I’m having with this product too is congestion little bumps are showing up after use as well. This issue again is happen the next day after use.

I have come backwards and forwards with this product to really give it a go I have picked this product up again and again and there was no feeling of lust or Love.Every time I have used it I’m getting the same results of the congestion and I’m not seeing any benefits of this product at all. Not once did I notice or had any feelings of amazement when I applied this product or feeling the effects the next morning when I was feeling and checking out my skin.

Now I don’t know if it has anything to do with the 5% version being the weaker version of the two they do have two versions on the market. I thought the 5% would be the safe bet. I’m not too sure if I would rush out and buy the 10% version of the HA one at this stage thoughts are mixed there at the moment.

So sorry guys this was not a love for me to be honest I think this product is going in to the bin. Its not an expensive product so no loss there. I will not repurchase it at all, and to anyone that asks yes I have been using it with the ordinary Advance retinoid as well and I have tried it with out as well to give it a fair try

Comment your thoughts below maybe you made this product work for you. Maybe you found the perfect recipe for this to work with other products from is brand , maybe you agree and are not in love with this one at all I would love to know.

Until next times love

Love CC XoXo

I purchased my The ordinary products from Myer for $ 12.40 AUS , website linked below

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  1. I have his product and I love it a lot..It really helps with improving skin texture...