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by - Thursday, January 18, 2018

Welcome back gorgeous people, this one is very new to me, well the brand and the products. If you are not aware Canberra ( little state that is the ACT in Australia ) has just had a little refurb done at one of our shopping malls called the Canberra centre. There we now have a beauty precinct with some lovely amazing store’s that we have grown a custom to as well as brand new stores that have now become available to us. One of them being 3ina now I’m not that knowledgeable when it comes to this brand but I’m all for trying new things out and I was absolutely amazed with the price point. When I walked in to the store I was completely overwhelmed with all their products. I’m a makeup junkie so the thought of wanting everything in the store really did cross my mind.

As I was so overwhelmed with the store and it was pretty crowded on opening weekend I walked away with their fixing spray. It was pretty much the only section I could get to at the time, it was so busy. And when you have a child in tow these situations are not always the best so I had to make do with what I could get my hands on.

Let’s talk packaging when I first saw the bottle I honestly thought it was made out of glass but it’s just lightly frosted plastic but it has this luxe look and feel about it. It’s a very thin slender bottle I would be confident in saying that it is travel worthy more so then the mac fix + and the urban decay setting sprays defiantly thinner then those bottles. Now the scent, it does have a scent it’s not over powering at all it’s a little on the floral side but very light. The spray nozzle is amazing it sprays so lightly and gentle and in a very fine mist!

So they say it’s a 3 in one product , It can prep the skin for makeup application that primes , Then a dusting of spray over the makeup application that Fixes it in place , and a makeup refresher for during the day boost of hydration.
As a primer I spritzed this on my face after my morning beauty routine and just before foundation application. I found that foundation was easy to apply after this application it blended like I had nothing on my skin which was great. Every makeup product that I did apply including concealer and even powder products applied easy, there was no grab or tackiness to interfere with blending at all which was fantastic.

As a setting spray it would have to be one of my favourites so far, as it spray’s in a fine mist I didn’t notice any water marks nor did it make my foundation blotchy or run which is fantastic. There is one thing that I did notice and for some reason it did break up my concealer just the tiniest bit, it only did it in the areas I had concealer, I didn’t react to my foundation at all. I did use it as a stetting spray when I was using foundation only and It did not react which is fantastic.

As a refresher it was fantastic but due to me wearing the Nars sheer glow I did notice it made me go a little to shiny through out the day. I’m not an overly oily person so I would pin point it to be using this spray.

I would love to try more of my foundations and concealers with this product but sadly it has made me brake out, I noticed it on day four of this product. I’m a little sad that it’s not something that I can use on daily basis. I have a feeling it was due to over use at this stage using it as it’s instructed to. When I’m able to pic this product up again I’m leaning towards just using it as a primer rather than a fixing spray and a refresher. I think I would love to come back and recap on this product. It’s not going to stop me from purchasing anything else from this brand. I will keep this product and yes I will use it as ether just a spray primer as I found it did give fantastic results. I really wish I could have played with this product more and see how it would have worked with my other foundations and concealers so for now these are my thoughts. I might even come back and revisit this product in a month. Have you tried any products form this brand maybe you have tried the fixing spray? I would love to know your thoughts, so you know what to do comment them below

Love CC xoxo


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