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by - Thursday, January 25, 2018

Hello beautiful people of the world thanks for coming back again. On the blog today I’m going to talk about a new foundation and brand that is Australian own and made. I have been following this brand on Instagram for some time now about 2 years. And have been previously using one of their most popular products to date there lip paint that I was given when I went up to Perth for a friend’s wedding. Can I just say I instantly fell in love with the lip paint and have been using it ever since. I’m running low though so I will be purchasing a replacement very soon. I’m not here to chat about the lip paint so let’s get in to it shall we.

Not to sound like a snob to my very own country but I have found it hard to love most makeup products to date that have been created and owned in my own back yard. I have found at times they have just fallen so short of what they are meant to do from workability to pigment to staying power. So I have not ventured too far when it comes to makeup products form Australian brands I have been quite cautious of most.

I should really get talking about the foundation right, now I don’t mind a foundation that comes in a tube, to be honest there so much easier to deal with and to use at times. I believe you have more usage out of it too. And it’s perfect for the freelance MUA out there as there so light and easy to use and perfect for the girls that travel. And for me I can chuck it in my hand bag for touch ups and you wouldn’t even know it’s in there. It is basic black but if you haven’t been catching on my blog post’s you know I’m all about the monochrome lifestyle. So I’m sucker for the black packaging. And the packing doesn’t collect your foundation finger prints ether.

 I haven’t had a foundation that has blown me away for some time now, there is a few reason why I love this foundation and it has been my go to foundation for the last few months. Now it’s been a long time coming that I have loved a foundation like this one and it being Australian made and cruelty free has made me love this one even more. At the time of receiving this product I purchased a cult favourite at the time and I have not reached for it at all, it has sat in my draw ever since.

Let’s talk coverage, this is a full coverage foundation and there is one main thing that I struggle with when it comes to full coverage foundations. When I wear them consistently over severely day’s they always brake me out. Not this little gem I can wear it over a week and not a blemish in site. There is no over powering scent ether which I’m happy with. It’s buildable for those areas that you require extra coverage and without any bailing or peeling or movement of any kind. I always use the stipule blending motion when going over the first layer of foundation. And this is the amazing thing that really did it for me is I don’t need to do many layers as the pigmentation of this product is there.
Swatch of Shade Medium above
 Workability, I found it hard to find a makeup tool that didn’t work with this foundation I worked with all of them in my collection from sigma kabuki brushes to real technique brushes and beauty sponges, I did love the look of this foundation with my makeup brushes and that’s saying a lot as all my other full coverage foundations I always use the beauty blender to apply them and this one with a brush still turns out like a second skin a full converge second skin. It didn’t’ set too quickly so you have ample time on blending it in. And it blends so beautiful too with easy no added work at all.
Swatch of Shade golden as above
When it came to the wear of the foundation I wore it mostly to work and when I have gone out with friends. Both scenarios I can come back 6 to 8 hours later and my makeup is still there in one place and hasn’t moved an inch and hasn’t melted or broken up within this time frame ether. There is times wear it just looks better 8 hours later then what it did when I walked out the door. It was very hard for me to find anything wrong with this foundation. For me it’s safe to say it’s the only foundation that I truly can trust for events or to ensure I can have a foundation base that I don’t need to worry about all day or even night.

It’s such a relief to trust a foundation like this one. I now know why it’s so trusted with makeup artist in Perth. I would happily have this foundation stocked in my draw it’s a defiantly a repurchase for me and for any of the Aussie girls I would defiantly suggest to give this one a try as well for those laddies that are on the market for a new foundation keep in mind this is a cruelty free brand and its Australian too.Let me know f you know of or have heard of this amazing Australian makeup brand bellow.

Until next time love CC xxoo

Smitten cosmetics also offer international shipping 


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  1. loved your review! I have been using this foundation for over a year and I am still in love with it and use on all my clients :) xox