Lets be Frank : The Frankie glow mask

by - Thursday, January 04, 2018

I have spoken about frank body products before with their lip scrub and conditioner that I absolutely loved and I thought I would do a quick little beauty edit to add to my frank body collection.Their yummy smelling glow mask and why not right, you can’t go wrong with a little pick me up during the week. Yes I’m on the glow mask train as I do tend to notice that my skin goes flat during the week around the Wednesday / Thursday mark so I do love to use a glow mask to give it a little boost to see me through.

The consistency reminds me of condensed milk I know it sounds random but it’s all in a good way trust me. I applied the mask with a foundation brush I use these brushes all the time for my mask ‘it applied easily but for this one I found using my fingers was way better. As I was able to build the product up to more of a thicker layer. The best thing was there was no over powering scent at all it is very mild which is a big thing for me, I’m already loving the mask and the scent has been perfect for winter. Now it dosen’t have the Coffee smell like the other products in their range. To me its smells like a cake batter. Two of the ingredients are Coca seed butter and shae butter so that would explain the scent.

It’s not a drying mask at all or a peel off mask and the instruction do say to leave it on for 5 minutes so if you wanted to do this before work there are several things you can do in that time frame like pick your outfit out, brush your teeth get lunches ready, pack bags also in saying that you’re not limited to only using this of a morning you could easily pop it on at night and leave it on longer if you wanted too. It’s great for a little pick me up for your skin no sitting around waiting for 15 to 20 mins like most masks.

Now the instructions do say to wash it off with cold water, I did do the mistake of using warm water and it was very hard to remove it. I was moving it around my face so I did have to go in with a cold wet wash cloth to remove it. And that worked perfectly. Don’t forget just because a product says a face mask doesn’t mean you are limited to it, I have used this one for the back of my hands being winter as they have been extremely dry it differently helped.

My skin does feel a little bit perky after use more moisturized and plump it does bring life back in to my skin that’s for sure. By no means is this a clearing mask or a treatment musk. I have used this mask prior to makeup application and makeup goes on perfect a smooth. Have you tried anything from frank Body, if you have I would love to know about the products that you have tried?

Love CC xoxo


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