Mini Review - Dermalogical Daily Superfoliant

by - Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This mini sample toke me forever to get through it was a generous size of 13g. Honestly I didn't need to use much product at all and was using it only twice a week. I have to say I loved this exfoliant
it is super fine not too abrasive at all and I truly felt that this just melted away. It felt my skin feeling so soft and clean. I really believe it does work away the top layer of dead skin cells , like no other that I have used. It is a perfect addition to my skin care routine on a Sunday and Wednesday evenings.Its certainly a full size re-purchase for me, I have noticed a difference in my skin with having this incorporated  to my skincare line up. Absolutely in love with this one that i have officially received the full size product.
Whats your favorite Dermalogica product , comment below I would love too know.

Until the next Mini review

Love CC xoxo

I purchase all my Dermalogica products fro RY beauty link is below

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