Mini Review on Soap And Glory's Hand Maid

by - Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I like to think that antibacterial gel is a very common product to have in ones handbag at all times,
I know I always have one on hand.
What makes this one so fab is the scent alone, long gone of the days where you hands smell like you have dipped them in to a tub of cheep vodka. I find more of the cheaper antibacterial gels just smell way too much of alcohol and they tend to really dry out my hands out.

This one has a sweet floral scent to it, and the scent stays around. It doesn't dry out my hands as much and leave them sticky. Obviously this one is a little more on the expensive side compared to others on the market. I think the scent alone makes it worth it , no one wants to walk around smelling like a booze hound.

Whats your favorite Antibacterial hand gel ? comment below ,I would love too know

Until the next mini review

Love CC xoxo

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