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by - Thursday, February 15, 2018

Here we care again, yes I am slowly and surely making my way through my Fenty Beauty Haul you could call it. It’s taken some time but I’m so close to finishing. And yes this is the second last product that I have up my sleeve. On the blog today I will be discussing the Fenty Beauty Pro filter primer. This was released when the beauty brand dropped last year in September 2017. Yes it has taken me a few months to get through them, But I honestly don’t want to try a product once then review it, I like to wear it consistently and try different techniques before I put pen to paper.

Let’s get in to it, Now I did go pretty in depth with the packaging in the Fenty Pro Filter foundation review, so I will try and keep this short and sweet , if you want to read in depth about the packaging I will link my foundation review below for reference. The packing of the Fenty Pro filter primer is exactly the same as the foundation, same bottle same pump. The only exception is the lid. The lid is the gorgeous Blush nude that she has used throughout the new collection. I love how she has used the same bottle and with the addition of the different coloured lid. Of course this would separate the two for any makeup junkie out there to tell the difference. I love how she has thought about the consistency of the shape and colours throughout, So well thought out.

Let’s chat about the primer, this primer is aimed to assist with smoothing and filling of pores, they call it pore diffusing and extended makeup wear. I need to establish I don’t have a pore issues. So I wouldn’t be able to advise if this helps to diffuse them or make them less noticeable.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Primer : As pictured Above
This primer is of a slight thick consistency, again just like the foundation a small amount goes a long way. When applied on the skin it does massage and sinks in to the skin with ease. And you do get this sensation over the top of your skin, like a mixture of silicone or powder, but without the silicone and powder. It really does create a nice canvas for makeup application. This primer is not a luminous primer at all, in my books it’s a matte primer for sure. With every application I have used this primer in my T zone only as that’s where I have my most problems when it comes to lines, movement and of course and oiliness. I will say the one disappointing thing about the product is, the scent hands down it’s a deal breaker for me. I know it’s the same scent in the foundation but it’s so more intense and stronger in the primer and it hangs around for a while too.

I have been wearing this with the Fenty foundation and they do go hand in hand together and with another foundation that I tried with this. The primer does make the longevity of my foundation last longer throughout the day. I had not notice any of the foundation’s I used cake in my T zone. It did minimalize the oiliness throughout the day. It didn’t stop it completely nothing a little blotting couldn’t fix after easily four hours of wear. Again I cannot touch base with the pore side of things. But I did notice that makeup wasn’t showing my dehydration lines at all. So it did help in that department.

The combination of this primer and the Nars shear glow I did found amazing together. I put it down to the primmer as it just made it wear so lovely and the right amount of glow. I will be wearing this primer with the Nars sheer glow more often they are my dream team now.

Now for me I’m not overly wrapped in placing a product on my skin that has a lot of fragrance in them. It does not do my skin any justice, and I do feel for those with acne issues and extremely sensitive skin I really don’t think this primer would do any justice as the fragrance would just irate. So I would proceed with caution. It would have to be one of the better primers that I have used in recent years. It’s not a primer I can use on a daily bases more a primer that I would keep for when I need it the most for parties or events, sadly The fragrance kills it for me though.
I would love to know your thoughts if you have purchased the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter primer or maybe you’re thinking about it comment below I would love to know.

Until next time

Love CC xoxo

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