Fenty Beauty February - Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Powder

by - Thursday, February 01, 2018

Hello gorgeous people a big thanks for coming back again, I’m talking about the Fenty beauty blotting powder. Remember when I was saying that I was just chucking random products in to my shopping cart when this brand was released. Well yep this is one of the random products that I chucked in. I did actually have that realization moment after checking out, thinking to myself, why on earth did I get a blotting powder ? But after thinking it through to be honest I have never owned one and I was kind of over the MAC one I have at the moment. So let’s get in to it shall we.

Let’s talk packaging and we all know it’s my favorite part, This Patent shiny white packing may scare some due to it being white but I can tell you it is easy to clean, thank god! Foundation finger prints really scare me. It is made up of real durable plastic that does not feel cheap or flimsy at all. Perfect to kick around in that hand bag. It is a little on the chunky side I will have to say. More at the bottom of it but there is a reason why it’s like that. And that’s because this one has the magnets in it to, why you ask? Well there is a brush that is sold separately that fits perfectly in to the bottom of it. Which is a fantastic idea in its self. And no I didn’t purchase it as I always have a powder brush on me at all times. If there was one thing that I do find a little annoying with this packaging and that it’s a little to chunky for my little thin clutches so by the time your phone goes in this powder and maybe keys there isn’t really match room for anything else.

Product wise it’s a translucent powder so naturally its going to be white. It’s very finely mild and when swatching you don’t tend to pick up a lot of product. To me this is a blessing in disguise as I can be pretty heavy handed when it comes to powders. Now there is no point swatching this for photos as its never going to show up. When using the sponge or a brush I have never experienced any kick back from the product. I only really require to apply this in my T-zone I don’t fully set my foundation with this at all.

The wear of the product I think has really helped with my foundation looking oily in my T-zone I tend to look more oily on my chin area rather than my forehead. So this product has really reduced that greatly. When I have applied this throughout the day it doesn’t break up my foundation and it doesn’t make the foundation look caked on ether in the areas where I have applied and re applied. This is what I love about this product. That it doesn’t disturb my foundation at all. Another thing I love about this powder is that it doesn’t give me an overall dried out feeling ether.

Now I have to say this is by far my favorite product so far from this brand, I haven’t been able to put it down since receiving it. I absolutely love it and it’s defiantly a repurchase for sure. Have you tried this product from Fenty beauty, if so I would love to know your thoughts on this one.

Until next time

Love CC xoxox


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