Fenty Beauty February - Pro Filter Soft Matte Foundation

by - Thursday, February 22, 2018

Here’s to another fenty beauty product, the Fenty Pro filter Soft Mate foundation. This product is certainly was a go to foundation at the end of 2017. I purchased two of these foundations the first one was way to light , But I think the one I have now is spot on maybe just a shade too light but you really can’t tell on my skin tone once I bronze my face. I will say Fenty beauty defiantly did not mess around with the shade range, this would have to be one of the largest shade range’s that have seen in a long time. And usual Australia doesn’t’ get all of the shade’s. This will explain why it toke me two goes to pick the right foundation for me, keep in mind I do not have a Sephora near me so swatching it in person was never going to happen.

The packaging alone is simple and I love the colour combo she has created with the nude blush and the white, it doesn’t show off as little girl’s makeup but more young adult to adult so you can see how this can be aimed at anyone at any age. The foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle so it really does have some weight too it and it does fell and look luxe at the same time. The foundation does indeed have a pump!!! Winning. I fell the pump is a little hard but it is easy to control the amount you want to come out as it does tend to distribute just a little too much for my liking anyway.

Lets get to the nitty gritty, the product. So the foundation its self is a thick consistency which is to be expected from some medium to full converge foundation. To me a little of this foundation does go a long way to be able to easily call it a medium converge. If you are expecting to use this as a full converge foundation then you can build it up pretty easily. But honestly you wouldn’t need to use much to get to a full coverage.

I will say this foundation does set very quickly, that for me using a brush to buff it in was not working in my favour. I highly suggest to work in sections of your face when applying it. I found doing this was giving me ample time to be able to work with it and build it up. For me I found using my beauty blender over a brush when it comes to application, it seems to slow the setting process down just a little bit.

Now the pigment in this foundation is amazing, the product advises that it’s medium to full coverage. With an honest amount of foundation it’s a comfortable full coverage for me. There really is no need for me to build this foundation up at all. It is full matte on me and with wear throughout the day it tends to give of a greasy glow but powder can easily fix that.
Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Foundation : As pictured above
I haven’t seen this foundation cling to any dry patches on me , but at this stage there really is no concerns like that on my skin any way’s. It hasn’t shown up patchy and there has been no signs of movement at all. And foundations do tend to fade as well around my chin and forehead and everything has stayed put so far. I will advise that I have been using the Fenty primer with this foundation though only In my T zone areas.
Yes the foundation has a slight floral scent to it I can only smell it on application and it dose disappear within minutes, this makes this foundation bearable to wear.

I have to say I’m quite impressed with this foundation, I’m really happy with it I’m in love with the coverage. It maybe a little over the top for work but I’m okay with that. It wears well and it last easily 9 hours with no touch ups. Please note the greasy glow is the only thing that as shown up. Again an easy fix, all foundations do it. And it’s been in the mid 30s where I live and wearing this foundation through a humid kind of heat wave it has held up nicely. So it gets the heat test from me
I’m pretty wrapped in this foundation, I would love to know others thoughts on this one. Maybe you have purchased the Fenty Pro Filter Matte foundation or maybe you have been thinking about it I would love to know so please comment them below.

Until next time

Love CC xoxo

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