Fenty Beauty Febuary - Fenty Beauty Magnetic Match Stix

by - Thursday, February 08, 2018

Gorgeous people, welcome back hope everyone is going well. My newest review is on the Fenty beauty Matchstick range which I have had in my possession for a few month’s now.

This review has been a long time coming but it’s finally here. When this dropped online I jumped on to the website as fast as I could when it was released. I was in a panic like everyone else, I was doping Fenty beauty products in my cart like I was food shopping.

And I have to say I personally didn’t make any wise choices it was very hard to purchase a brand that I knew nothing about there was no reviews at the time no swatch pictures from my fav bloggers and I don’t have a Sephora near me so I wasn’t able to touch and play with this brand in store. I kind of wished I waited it out to be honest to get more thoughts and research on the shade ranges and products. So I picked up a highlighter and a contour shade in the match stix and if you want to know my thoughts please keep on reading.

Let’s get in to the packing shall we , I absolutely love the colour and texture of the packaging I love this nude blush colour it’s so different I don’t see it getting dirty and if it does the texture of the packing seems to be easy to clean those dirty foundation fingers prints of.

If you hadn’t noticed the match stick products have magnets in the packaging and they stick together. I love this idea I think this is very thought out and well executed. But I think people are only going to benefit from it of they by 3 or more of these match stick to really get the full effect of them sticker together. I love the shape of them I have never seen a stick like product in a packing like this before.


So one of the match stix I purchased was in Bamboo, I was aiming to use this one as a cream contour product. Sadly this one I purchased is no good as a contour stick as it matches my skin perfectly. So what I have been using it for is a concealer / touch up stick.

I love the consistency of the product it’s not too hard that you struggle to blend it and it’s not so soft that you apply way to match. Its juts right that you can apply it directly on to your face and blend from there. I haven’t had any issues with blending this out with my fingers or various beauty tools like brushes and sponges. All of them seem to blend with ease.

The issue I have had with this products is that it broke up on my skin, it goes all patch and settles in the finest of lines and makes my skin look really dry. I have tried everything to stop this. I even tried it without a base and it still broke up and settle in to my fine lines.

Bamboo Swatch as pictured above
The other match stix I purchased was a highlighter it has a pink under tone to it, it’s not overly glittery at all. The texture of this product I do find it to be a little firmer than the other stick. Again easy to blender out but I did struggle with building it up though. The packaging is the same I don’t think there is any need in going in to the specifics again.

It goes on to the skin beautifully and blends nicely but for some reason it just sat really badly on my skin. Again it broke up badly in patches and made my skin look really dry. I was really disappointed in this one.
Star Struck Swatch as Picture above
 So I’m sad to say I won’t be purchasing any more of the match stix’s, I do have other products from the Fenty brand that I have been enjoying and love just these ones that I didn’t have any luck with. And sadly I don’t think I will be picking these two up again.
Have you purchased these or anything else from Fenty beauty , I would love to know your thoughts on them.

Until next time Love CC xoxo


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