Fenty Beauty February - Stunna Lip Paint

by - Thursday, March 08, 2018

Welcome, welcome have you been enjoying my Fenty Beauty February? Well the last instalment of my Fenty beauty review blog series has come to an end. But not just yet, we need to talk about this gorgeous liquid lip first. I promise you I saved the very best for last. Let’s state the obvious, yes there is one shade and one shade only just like the lip bomb. Somehow Ri Ri worked her magic and found a universal lip colour to work with all shades and undertones. Which is a pretty amazing thing right there.

The Fenty beauty lip paint Is a stunning shade of red that they have called uncensored. I want to say it’s a true red it’s a little deeper than that. It’s a red to be reckon with, in my collection. And I have a few reds, it’s nothing compared to red Russian or lady balls by too faced. It’s on a deeper level then those two.

The packaging is truly unique it reminds me of a nail polish bottle, like the Christian Louboutin ones. But I love how you can have this standing up on your vanity. And the chrome wand gives it that extra added luxury feel. I do believe the little pot is glass, I defiantly do not want to test that out anytime soon. And with the pot it does add unnecessary bulk and weight to an evening clutch.
Now if there was one thing that I was a little unsure of was the unique applicator. I have never seen this shape used before at all. And I was a little taken back by it to. I did have a WTF moment when I saw it. Using it really was the most enjoyable way to apply it. And to be able to apply a bright red lipstick with ease, one would think no. seriously the applicator makes this fool proof.

The product alone is nothing that I can compare it too to be honest. The pigment alone is enough to pack a punch and the formal is so creamy it really does just glide on. Again you really don’t need much. Every time I have used this I always wipe away the excess. If there is a tip I can pass on is allow this one to set before moving your lips.
Fenty Beauty Stunna lip Paint applicator as pictured above  
The wear test I have added both wearing this too work and out with friends, obvious wearing it out with friends involved a little more effort as eating and drink were involved. Work wise I really loved wearing this too work, in total it lasted 8 hours and really did not need to touch it up at all. It didn’t move for me it really didn’t bleed much to my surprise. It’s my biggest pet peeve when it comes to red liquid lipsticks. I didn’t need to spend the day babysitting it. Fair enough that everything I ate was in fact lipstick appropriate and I always drink out of a straw. But hey it lasted up to 8 hours. The one thing that I did notice and I totally put it down to the air con is that it did feel drying at the end of the day and it did start to feel a little flaky.
Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip paint swatch as pictured above
But compared to a night out with greasy food and drinking it still held its own, I did wear it for less time though. Again no real signs of bleeding or moving. It did slightly bleed out from the corners of my mouth. Again held its own with eating a drinking and I had some greasy food. Again I did not need to sit there a baby sit it at all.

I have to say for a red liquid lip stick I’m in love with this one. I will have to say though who would wear a red lip for 12 hours straight though? I don’t really get that gimmick and to be honest I don’t see a red lip everlasting 12 hours straight on me at all, so I cannot comment on that. But hey if a red lip is going to last a full work day, its perfect in my books. I’m just so happy I have found a red lipstick I can apply and trust. So it’s a love in my books! I want more to be honest. If this is a liquid lipstick formula that Ri Ri has up her sleeve girl better make some more shades because I’m all over it. Would you want more shades in this Fenty beauty Lip paint? Comment below

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Love CC xoxo


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