Amazing Charlotte Tilburys - Instant Look Palette in Beauty Glow Review

by - Wednesday, October 24, 2018

If there is a brand that I want to try more of in 2018 and it’s going to be Charlotte Tilbury. Everything that I have purchased so far I have loved. And there is some products that I have my eye on so defiantly watch out for more CT blog posts in the future.

This little review is on her First Instant look palette in Beauty Glow now this treasure is a face palette. In this Palette it consists of 3 eyes shadows, 1 Bronzer 1 blush 1 highlighter and a Check swish ( it’s a CT thing ) . Now to me that’s everything you need and I own some face pallets and they don’t come with eyeshadows. And it’s calming that it’s a 5 minute look in a palette.

Let’s get in to my favourite part the packaging, the outer packaging is the signature Charlotte Tilbury Colours of Chocolate brown and rose gold, its pure elegance really. The palette its self is really durable perfect for the travellers out there, well the makeup obsessed and for the woman on the go. Size wise it isn’t too large at all you can easily hold it in one hand , so again durable enough to have it in your hand bag and it will easily fit most makeup bags too if you want to take it on the go. It’s a clip closure as well so it’s not going to come undone in your hand bag.

The eyeshadows,
As I mentioned before there is 3 eyeshadows in this face palate now there is no visible names listed of what the shades are called. But they are listed under instruction names so there is Brighten, Enhance and Smoke. The brighten shade in the pallet is a Champagne shimmer there is no lose glitter at all it has pigmentation to it and blends like a dream. This shade I always use all over the lid right up to the brow bone.

Then we have Enhance it looks like a light brown but it has this peachy under tone to it when switched. Again it’s a shimmer I do wish this shade was a litter darker it’s very on par with the first shade. Just more of a peachy colour really. When applied it still turns out pretty light as well. This one I use on my mobile lid and blend up to the crease.

The last of the three is Smoke, This shade is the only matte shade there is and it’s a chocolate brown. For a matte it doesn’t feel chalky at again this one has the pigmentation to it and is very buildable and bendable. This shade I use two was, I push it in to my lash line and blend slightly for a smoke effect. Or I add it to the outer corner of my eyes and blend up in to the socket for an up lifting effect.
Eye Shadow swatches aboe  - from left to right : Brighten , Enhance and Smoke
 Bronzer and Highlighter
For the bronzer in the pallet the shade is a great contour colour as it doesn’t have that muddy look about it. The shade it’s self is a little light for my liking but it does give off this natural subtle look though. The product again very buildable and bendable and the product pigmentation is on point. I will say a little of this one does go a long way. I’m use to my bronzer being a little dark but I do love the look of this one on the skin.

The highlighter is lighter than the brighten eyeshadow in the pallet it’s more of a cream off white highlighter with a gold undertone. It’s not a in your face highlighter but it does give your skin this natural luminosity to it. This one doesn’t have any glitter to it that I can see nothing chunky to be exact. Blends like a dream and again a little does go a long way. but as it’s a very light highlighter I cannot be to heavy handed with it as it’s a little lighter them my own skin tone.
Swatches as Above left to Right - Bronzer and Highlight
Blush and Checks Swish
The blush I find gorgeous I do tend to pick up this type of shade of blush. It’s a gorgeous pink blush, when you apply it, It Really does show up as a natural flush on the checks. And your really don’t need much of this product at all. It is buildable but you really don’t need to build it up at all. The pigmentation is there of course. And you guessed it, it blends like a dream, I absolutely love this blush it’s so pretty.

As for the check swish, I really am not too sure what the whole idea is with the check swish the colour is a bit odd to me so to be honest I have not used it for its intended purposes at all. But I have used it more as an eyeshadow though I place it ether on the outer corner and blend though to the socket but have also used it on the lower lash line as well. The pigmentation of this product is there it’s a really lovely shade of brown, like a pink brown or more of a terracotta vibe to it. This one again blends like a dream.

Swatches as above left to right :  cheek sweep and Blush
 Over all if I was too travel I would be quite happy to take this pallet with me for the ride , I think I would take an extra palette with more matte shades in it as this is a very shimmery pallet. So if shimmer eyeshadows are so not your thing I would have to say this may not be a face pallet for you. This pallets does get the Handbag test I have been taking this one to work for touch ups or as a just in case precaution when I have had a no makeup day.

As the palette claims to be a 5 minute look in a pallet it does it live up to its claims you ask? I’m going with yes, if you are just putting on a CC cream or a light foundation and your going to use everything else form this pallet then yes it’s possible to do a 5 minute make look with this pallet. I know I can pull a look together with using everything from this palette in 5 mins. Now if you’re going to add fake lashes and wing eyeliner and concealer and get all glammed up then no, sorry this pallet doesn’t do your make up for you.

I will say I have fallen in love with this pallet it’s so easy to use and with the step instructions its full proof and I loved it so much that I brought the Smoky one too! That’s how much I have enjoyed using this pallet it’s been my go to work pallet for well over two months.

That’s it from me, stay posted for the next CT eye shadow pallet review

Love always CC xoxo

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