Glamglow - Glowstarter Christmas Ste Review

by - Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Another little treat for myself just before Christmas was this little Christmas gift pack that I purchased it’s the Glam glow glow starter. I have been so intrigued with these ever since they came out. But haven’t taken the plunge myself to purchase the full size product. As you know Glamglow in Australia dose have a fairly decent price tag to them and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on something that I really didn’t know if it would fit my needs. Well I’m not talking your average everyday use twice a day moisturizer, these are illuminating moisturizer after all. How practical can they be?

Usually I love chatting about packing but I know this is not the full size packaging, but more of a deluxe sample size. So the full size one is in a jar and these are in tubes. I will say it’s lovely to have a pop of colour once in a while. In this gift set they have provided all three shades of the Glow starter moisturizer, there is Pearl Glow, Nude Glow and Sun glow. The names pretty much speak for themselves. If I can’t talk about the packing lets brake down the shades shall we.

Pearl Glow:
The product is as the name suggest the product does come out white / pearl but never fear once you apply it to the skin it does not show any colour at all. Its still provided the luminous glow underneath makeup. I have enjoyed this one more when I have gone makeup free
Pictured as above Pearl Glow
Nude Glow :
This one is a tricky one once the product comes out it looks slightly pinky, again it does not show up that way at all once applied and rubbed in to the skin. I always pick this one up for under my makeup. It hasn’t altered my skin colour at all that I can tell but it really does have a little skin colour reflection to it.
Pictured as above Nude Glow
Sun glow :
This is the bronze one of the group. When applied it does come out quite bronze but after application it does calm down in colour. So don’t think that it’s going to show up on your skin like it does when you squeeze it out from the tube. It does show up as a bronze glow to the face but nothing really drastic and I’m slightly pale myself and haven’t been scared to use it. It does have just a tiny little but of colour to my face. But not at all noticeable.
Pictured as above Sun Glow
I have found these fantastic for summer I have been using the sun glow, all by its self-nothing more. Besides a little transcalent powder light dusted on the t-zone so I don’t look overly oily or greasy. The one that I tend to always pic up is the Nude glow, not to sure way but I have been using this one quite frequently under my matte foundation, The Fenty beauty one to be exact. Most Matte foundations tend to make me look slightly dehydrated and very flat. With this used under my foundation having it act as a primer. Has really brighten things up, it does give me little dimension to my face which has been fantastic. It’s just given extra life to my skin really it has been fabulous. I will say though after a few hours I do look a lot shinier, especially on the chin area so I need to ensure I have a powder on hand to matte that out just a little. But over all it does sit lovely under foundation and used own its own.

I wouldn’t really invest on all three shades but I would love to add at least one of them to my collection, I would love to get the nude one to add. Have you tried any glamglow products? Maybe you have tried this one? I would love to know your thoughts to on the product comment below.

Until Next time love CC xoxox,au

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