Hourglass Confessions Refillable Lip set Review

by - Friday, November 02, 2018

If there is anything that I like too jump on too when it comes to the lead up to Christmas. Is the makeup beauty Christmas gift packs. I think it’s the best time to grab and test out new brands and products that you may have been lusting over as well as getting a little extra with brands that you know and love. Honestly most brands gift packs are great value for money take the Confessions lip set that I picked up from mecca, It was $ 79 Australian dolour’s and in this gift set you receive the lipstick applicator holder and 3 x refillable lipsticks all the shades are limited shades though. Now let me break it down for you if you were to purchase separately. One you would have to purchase a lipstick and the holder together which retails in Australian dollars at $49.00 and add to refills each at $ 32 Australian dollars that’s a grand total of $113.00 . See who thought gift backs were a waste of money. You don’t need to twist my arm for this one.
Hourglass Refill's as pictured above
Hourglass Applicator as pictured above 
Now that excitement is over we can we talk about the packaging now. The lipstick applicator holder is so stunning it’s gold and gorgeous and it just gives of this vampy vintage vibe! If Marylin Monroe was alive I feel like this would be in her makeup collection in a red of course. The only thing I do want to advise too the makeup addicts the style and shape of this means it will not sit upright in a lipstick holder. And as for the refills you can easily fit 3 to four in one cube of a standard lipstick holder. And the applicator can be a pretty accent to any dressing table out there if you wish for it to sit out

I don’t know about the whole range but all three in this set are not matte, they are a crème lipstick. Very hydrating on the lips and smooth. With this of course the lipstick will transfer. And over all three shades the product consistency is the exact same across all three shades. There is no floral scent too them. But the scent I do pick up on is a very faint musk stick scent, it’s the only way I can describe it.
These are a thin lipstick and I have found them fantastic for a precise and clean application, the product applies smoothly. You can apply the smallest amount and be able to blend it out for the light wash of colour. There is the slightest feel of stickiness but not a lot that I have really been concerned about. And I hate stickiness in glosses especially so it’s not enough for me to stop wearing these lipstick.

I have found these lovely to wear and very comfortable throughout the day I honestly forget that im wearing them. With it being more of a crème type lipstick they do transfer a lot more so re-application would be in order. Well for me during an average work day. I tend to reapply after 3 hours. Reapplying the product is perfect again it doesn’t ball up or go patchy at all.
As you know there is three in a pack and there all variants of nudes, Just with different undertones so let’s talk about the shades, One Desire , True love means and you are my. Can I just say the names sound like Disney love quotes?
True love means and My one Desire as pictured above
 My personal favoritism is my one desire now this would be the Mauve nude in the pack. I love this one it’s my absolute favorite.
Swatch Above is in the Shade My One Desire
 This is the other one I love and wouldn’t even think about picking up a nude shade like this one. It’s true Love Means, to me it’s more of a peach undertone nude and this is lovely and it is the lightest one of all three.
Swatch above is in Shade True Love Means
The last one is, You Are My it’s the darkest shade nude of all three and to me the one with more of a red brown under tone to it. It is absolutely lovely and again I would never think about picking up a nude shade like this one. It is in fact very flattering on.
Swatch above is in Shade You Are My
I’m in love with these hourglass Confessions Lipsticks, I have to say I’m looking at expanding the collection just a little maybe only by two shades. Did you pick this gift set up or have you been lusting over these ones are? Please leave a comment below I would love to read your thoughts on these new lipsticks by hourglass.

Until next time love CC xoxox

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