Marc Jacobs - Air Blush - Kink And Kisses Review

by - Monday, November 12, 2018

Welcome back to all, I do want to apologies on uploading one of these blushes. I really did have the intent of offering a few more shades in this blush range to talk about. And I would love to extend on the shade range but the Australian pricing on these is ridiculous. So I will have to make do for the one shade for the time being.

As always I love to start off with the packaging, this sleek black patent packing is stunning monochrome goals right there! And it just has the little pop of chrome. I absolutely love the rounded edges of the compact. Again with patent packaging comes finger prints, it is what it is though. The plastic feels durable and for the price it doesn’t feel super cheap ether * cough cough Tom ford Bronzer * Its defiantly sleek slim design which makes it perfect for a makeup bag, hand bag if you wanted to too travel with it too, in my opinion.

look at the product design, I love this idea of the darker and the lighter shades together. I feel like it makes it personal and custom to each user as you can be as heavy handed in the areas you want, from the lighter end to the darker end. It’s like owning two blush shades in one. Now this is another purchase that I didn’t get to see in person too swatch, I pretty much winged it to be honest and with a shade name like Kink and Kisses , I had a laugh ! And thought why not that one. Yep I purchased this blush purely for the shade name alone. It makes picking out products fun.

This shade is a pretty light combo in its self, for me I wouldn’t want to go any lighter. But when applied it does give off this natural flush to the checks, and that’s using the lighter end of the pallet. With the darker end it’s more of a peach pink I would say. For me to compare the shades to any other blush it really reminds me of orgasm blush without the gold hue, if that makes any sense.

Swatch picture above : Shade is Kink And kisses

Application is dreamy, this product is soft and easy to apply, no kick back from your brush in the blush pan. I found it easy to build up for more colour which is something you want in a blush. You need to be able to build it up. I do find the lighter end to be quite light that it’s hard to show the swatch. Wear wise it doesn’t oxidise on me and I haven’t noticed it going patchy.

I have really loved this addition to my blush collection and I’m really happy with the colour choice that I made. And the product is beautiful I think its supper pretty and I would be happy to add another one to the family, maybe when Sephora have another site wide sale. The only thing I dislike is the Australian Price tag it retails for $62.00 Australian dollars and in that states its $42.00. Have you thought about purchasing this one or maybe you can agree that Nars orgasm blush is the perfect dupe for this shade. I would love to know if I have discovered a dupe ?Please comment below.

Until next time love cc xoxo

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