Too Faced Born This Way foundation Review

by - Monday, November 19, 2018

Now as if this wasn’t one of the cult products of 2017 everyone was wanting, wanting to try it or raved about it. Well the only reason why I got it was when Mecca Maxima opened up where I live and I was able to finally play around with some shades in store. If it never opened I wouldn’t have owned it. I usually stick with what I know most of the times when it comes to purchasing makeup like foundations and lipstick on line. Too faced is a brand that is pretty new to be to be honest I firstly fell in love with their Matte liquid lips so naturally I thought why not try some other products in their brand. So that is how the foundation came about to me and mostly because so many people rave and go on about it.

Let’s talk the packing, and I’m going to touch base with something that I love that too faced do and I have seen it on two other products that I own of theirs. Now this is on the boxed packing only so you won’t see it on the product itself. But I love how they have their statistics so 100 percent said that the foundation blurred their imperfections. 98 percent said the foundation made them look perfect. I’m not too sure how that’s an appropriate question, and then 97 percent said that this foundation provided natural coverage. It’s a thing I’m not too sure how accurate it is but it is in fact a cute touch. I now it’s on one of their primers as well.

I do have to give it to Too faced for their packing I love there packing combinations and the cute glam effect like the bottle of this foundation. I’m a sucker for black and gold. It defiantly has this glamazon look to the product. And it’s in a frosted glass bottle as well. It has a pump so we can all enjoy that. But for those that like to get every last drop out of the bottle before they purchase a new one. Not sure how you can take the top of it off. I have tried on mine and it won’t budge. Either that or I’m really weak
The product it’s self doesn’t seem to be overly that thick, a little on the thin side really. I am thankful though that there is no over powering scent. I do tend to find that some of their coconut water infused products seem to be heavily scented.

Swatch picture above : Too Faced Born this way fo8undation in Pourclin
When it comes to application I have attempted this both with a brush and a beauty blender. And I have to say for me applying this with a brush doesn’t cut it for me. You can defiantly see the product on top of my skin. For some reason it doesn’t buff into my skin at all it just sits on top. And as for building the foundation up with a brush it just moves the foundation around for me. And then nasty little streak strokes start showing up. So for me a brush is not my preferred way to apply it.
As for the beauty blender this is my preferred way, even though with the beauty blender it does shear the foundation out a little, but it does really push it in to the skin effortlessly. And as for building up the product over top. Again really pushes it in. I have to say for that born this way natural look that 97 percent of people said it does. For this effect for me it has to be done by a beauty blender.

I have found this foundation to wear really lovely throughout the day. No tell-tale signs of movement. I did find the smallest amount of patchiness right near a pimple though. The foundation does have a little bit of luminosity to it. It has slightly gone a little shinier on me throughout the day, nothing that a little bit of blotting can’t fix. I have been quite happy with the application using the beauty blender and the wear of this foundation, The only thing that I have found is that I cannot wear it longer than two days in a row as it does brake me out I’m not so sure sure what it is that does this. I have had this happen with foundations that have SPF in them but from what I can tell this one does not. I will continue using this foundation as I do love it. I can see why they call it the born this way as it does look like your own skin. It’s sad I can’t wear it longer than two days though.
If you have tried the too faced Born this way foundation I would love to her your thoughts on it.
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Love CC xoxo

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